5 Tips For Safely Buying Cosmetics

Do you know what you’re putting on your body? We don’t often think about the ingredients of our lotions and cosmetics, not unless it effects how they work. But more and more studies are showing that we should be aware: Like any other kind of product, cosmetics are full of chemicals, and some of them aren’t so good for you.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to throw away your favorite products just yet. With a little help, you can turn yourself into a smart, educated shopper with nothing to fear from the beauty aisle. Here are five tips for safely buying cosmetics.

5: Read The Labels
This sounds like a no-brainer, but you should be reading your lotion labels just as carefully as you read the calorie counts on your cupcakes. For one, they’ll have detailed instructions on how often it’s safe to use the product. Did you know certain anti-antiperspirants should only be applied once a day?

Labels also come with ingredient lists that you should never, ever ignore. Which brings us to…

4: Know Your Chemicals
Sodium laureth sulfate is a known skin irritant. Cocamide, the magic ingredient that makes your shaving creams foam, is actually under review from the FDA for its link to cancer and miscarriages. Triethanolamine has been known to cause tumors in rats.

These are scary facts, but you should aware of the dangers and plan your shopping list accordingly. The next time you’re trying to decide between two products, choose the one that doesn’t include any questionable chemicals you recognize.

3: Stay Skeptical
We’ve all seen commercials where people claim their foundation is a miracle or their face wash worked in just two days. What you have to remember is that cosmetics are made for consumers, which means they’re backed by businessmen and advertisers, which means their goal is to sell, not tell the truth. Before you believe anything said by a manufacturer, do your research and see what the actual buyers are saying. Their opinions are the ones that matter.

2: Avoid Animal-Tested Products
Not only is it a matter of ethics, but animal-tested products are, ironically, some of the least regulated in the industry. They also contain a higher amount of unnatural chemicals. That’s why their creators are testing them, after all. When you go shopping, look for labels that say “cruelty-free.”

1: Let The Experts Help
The most important thing to remember about cosmetics safety is that you aren’t alone. There are dozens of groups worldwide that have dedicated themselves to tracking, tweaking and researching everything we put in and on our bodies. “Skin Deep” has an online database where you can check labels and safety ratings by brand. The European Union (EU) has made lists of banned and questionable chemicals.

The time you’re shopping for cosmetics, run your choices by the experts. Their findings can help you make informed choices and keep your beauty regime safe.

Perfume advice from Fragrence Expert James. Making you Smell Divine.