5 Tips To Create Content For Your Blog Quickly

If you have a blog where you’re giving tips regularly to your readers, you need to come up with new blog post every day. Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to write a blog post quickly. If you have strong demand and high traffic blog, not publishing new blog post for even a day will affect your blog traffic. Here are 5 tips to create content for your blog quickly:

1. Prepare quick note to jot down content ideas

Always have a quick note handy near you. You will put your ideas that come suddenly into your mind to that note. Always catch your ideas before they dissipate from your mind. Sometimes, ideas come down suddenly and you have to write it right away to avoid forgetting it later. Then, when you’re about to write your next blog post, you just need to look at your note and voila, you have some new ideas to write.

2. Outline your content

When you’re going to write your content, it is easier if you outline your content. Writing outline means that you’re putting the general idea about the content that you’re going to write. It’s like putting a map to get to your destination. When you have clear outline for your content, writing will be easier. Most people prefer not to write outline before writing, as they think that it will disrupt the flow of content. But, if you’re the type of person who can be easily distracted, outline is important to keep your writing on topic.

3. Start by telling a story

It’s very easy to finish your blog post if you start it by telling a story. It gives you automatic ideas about what you will write later. By telling a story, your blog post will become engaging as well. So, if you’re confused about what you’ll write next, simply begin by telling your readers a story related to your experience. Then, expand your content from there. It will really help you to keep fresh ideas coming to your mind as you write your content.

4. Just think about writing

You can always edit your content later, and it is absolutely not necessary to edit your content as you write. When you’re writing, just focus on writing. In this way, you are giving yourself an uninterrupted moment of writing. If you’re writing while you’re concerned about grammatical or spelling mistakes along the way, it will slow down your writing speed and make your writing difficult to read later, since you’re disrupting its flow. However, always make sure to proofread and edit your content whenever you’ve done writing.

5. Use voice dictation software

If you’re too lazy to write, then using voice dictation software will help you with your writing. Just talk to the microphone and your words will come immediately on screen. This is your last hope if you want to create content quickly. However, you’ll likely to come up with longer editing process because the accuracy of such software is often disappointing.

Those are the tips to create content for your blog quickly. And remember, if the tips above don’t favor you at the moment, you can always outsource your content creation process.