5 Tips to Detour Carpal Tunnel

Most adults use a computer an average of 6-8 hours a day. The repetitive motions used in typing and moving a mouse create a specific strain on the wrists. Many people have experienced the pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to varying degrees. Have you ever had a long gaming session on a weekend where the next day your wrist is either numb or painful to move? Have you spent all day jumping from Reddit to say Infor appoints new CEO only to find later that night you experience a burning sensation in your wrists? Both of these are symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. As with combating any other joint pain, a few simple tips and exercises may be all you need to help stave off the seriously debilitating effects of full onset carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Posture- In regards to chronic back pain associated with poor posture, your wrists are affected in the same way. Having a good posture while sitting at your computer desk allows your body to be seated in a way that is both comfortable, but does not place any strain on a certain body part.
  • Breaks- Taking breaks is a key ingredient to avoiding carpal tunnel pain. Many people simply lose track of time while working, browsing the internet, or gaming. Long stretches keeping your wrists in the same bent position is extremely hard on the hinge joint located at the wrist. Taking a break and bending them up and down and side to side can help reduce pain. Also just sitting at your desk with your wrists hanging by your side will help blood flow to the wrist joints and give them a much need rest.
  • Keeping Warm- Many people experience cold hands due to poor circulation in the extreme digits. The decreased blood flow allows for lactic acid to build up in joints which can cause pain later. The same as if you go for a jog without stretching afterwards, you will be sore the next day due to acid buildup. Keeping hands and wrists warm while working will allow them to remain limber. Wear gloves or turn up the ambient temperature if you experience coldness.
  • Ergonomics- Along with posture, ergonomics may yield the most benefit to your wrists. Using ergonomic keyboards reduces strain on wrists by supporting them and forcing them into a neutral position. An ergonomic mouse pad helps support the wrist while using a mouse. Consider using a track ball mouse instead of a traditional one, this helps decrease pain as the fingers now control the mouse and not the entire hand.
  • Body Positioning- The height in which you sit at your desk can also affect your wrists. If you sit too low your wrists will be bent at an awkward angle. If you stay this way for hours pain is sure to follow. Adjust your chair up to the point where your wrists can remain flat on the pads or the desk. Having a slight downward bend on your wrists while using your keyboard and mouse while decrease strain on the wrist hinge joint.

Hopefully following these simple tips will allow you to be more productive and have an amazing pain free work day.

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