5 Tips To Enjoy A Tidy House All Week

5 Tips To Enjoy A Tidy House All Week

If you get used to do this weekly cleaning routine together with the daily cleaning routine every month you will have a clean house that smells good and welcoming to the family. And if you work outside the home or at home, these daily cleaning chores will not get them more than 20 minutes.

Apply these simple tips to enjoy a tidy home longer. Between work, the kids, the couple preparing food, shopping, taking care of plants and pets, stay in touch with family and friends, and try to find a time to rest, when we clean and orderly? Sure the weekend, when it is our time to rest. And since you spend hours of rest in clean and tidy, let’s make render investment as possible with these tips to keep the house tidy during the week!

Make up the Bed

I know it’s an old and wise advice, but make the bed not only will give your home a neater appearance, but when you get exhausted to sleep at night you appreciate yourself for having taken those 5 minutes to make the bed by the morning.

Leave it where it was

This is a great rule to apply the whole family, use what you need and then leave it where it was. In this way not only the order will remain at home, but also avoids wasting time looking for things that are not in place.

Do Something Every Day

To not overwhelm the weekend with a house that crumbles of dirt and disorder, do something, however small, every day. Perhaps wash the toilet, or vacuuming the room, or put clothes in the washing machine.

Clear Surfaces

This is one of the most practical rules has resulted me leave surfaces cleared before going to sleep. And I mean surface tables and countertops. That means that the next day, when preparing and serving breakfast or cooking, the kitchen and the table will be vacant, ready to use.

Wash Dishes and Sink

As I mentioned, washing dishes is one of the chores I hate most. However, I also know that is one of the most important tasks of the home, because we eat three times a day, every day. So, to save hassle and delays when cooking and eating, I try to wash all dishes and sink at least once a day.