5 Tips to Help You Write Better Blogs

Blogging is a great way to share your stories or expertise with other people. You can use a blog for your own personal benefit, such as to talk about things that interest you or share your own experiences and pictures, or you can use blogging for business and share your expertise with your current and prospective clients.
The best way to generate interest in your blog and increase your readership—whether you’re doing it for personal or professional reasons—is to make sure that you’re generating the best content you possibly can. The following are tips to help you write great blog content.

1. Plan it out.
One of the best ways to ensure that you’re writing well is to plan out your posts in advance. Having a title and a general idea of the content you want to produce will allow the writing process to run more smoothly. You should also go as far as writing out key points you want to discuss. Having this outline will ensure that you include all the information you need and stay on track.
2. Write posts to your audience.
If you’re sharing personal stories on your blog, then you should stick with using first person. But if you’re providing information or giving tips, then you should use second person (i.e., use the word “you”).
Talking directly to your readers will make the content sit better with them and get them to truly pay attention and be more engaged with what you have to say.
3. Pay attention to your grammar.
If you want to gain and keep your readers, you need to remove the slang and the improper grammar from your blog posts. Make sure that you’re using the right words (its vs. it’s, you’re vs. your, etc.) and be as clear as possible. If you are constantly using slang or using the wrong words, you will not come off as an expert and you will lose your readers.
4. Edit your work.
Don’t hurry through writing a blog post and publish it without first reviewing and editing your work. Make sure to read through your post carefully and fix any spelling or grammatical errors and rework any sentences that have strange structure. When you take the time to edit your work, you’re ensuring that the best possible content is being posted to your blog.
5. Have it proofed by someone else.
As the blog writer, you’re too close to your work, which may make it hard for you to thoroughly proofread and edit it. Whenever possible, make sure that someone else reads over your blog post before you publish it. They’ll be able to give you an honest opinion about whether or not they understand the purpose of your post and show you areas that may need to be reworked.
Generating great content is the best way to have a successful blog, and using these tips will help you become a better blog post writer and ensure that you’re producing content with the utmost quality.
Mey Lau is an SEO Strategist at SEOMap, you can read more of her work on SEO here.