5 Tips To Maintaining A Long Career

Job security is something that we all worry about. We are all looking for answers on how we can maintain a long and successful career despite the failing economy. Well, apart from the obvious hard work and commitment, the key to establishing a stable career lies on how you present yourself on paper. These days we can’t count on staying with the same company over our entire working life, so you need to make yourself a permanently attractive long term hire through a well document resume.

The ability to get hired again and again is your best protection for long term career stability and growth. When it comes to resume writing, there are facts that need to be flaunted and avoided.

Resume writing involves a number of tricks to make yourself appear great on paper. Instead of simply boring your future employer with a single job experience that lasted a decade with one company, expounding on your skills, specialized training, and qualifications can win more votes. Always keep in mind that these companies are all looking for someone who can stay for the long run and the key to winning them over is to convince them that you are an investment worth having. Here are 5 tips to help you prove just that.

1. Constantly Sharpen your Wits

For employees who have worked for 1 company all their life, the move to a new employer can be a difficult and daunting task as some companies equate long term employment with job stagnation. To disprove this theory, it is essential that you continually strive to acquire new skill sets through additional trainings and professional courses.

2. Update your Credentials

Times change and you have to learn to keep up with these changes. When applying for a new job after some time, make sure to refresh your resume and trash obsolete skills that are no longer applicable today.

3. Keep your information in Order

As employers have very little time to peruse piles of resumes, it is vital that you keep your facts in order. If you have been in the same company for a long time then show your future bosses that you have climbed your way to the top. Instead of lumping together all your previous work, break up the different responsibilities you’ve been given to let your employers see how much you’ve grown over the years. Make sure to write a brief job description and list of achievements at each position.

4. Show Off Your Accomplishments

To get hired, you need to pull out all the stops to impress your potential employers and this includes flaunting all that you have accomplished during your career.

As the competition for employment gets tougher, keeping yourself a top pick means edging out your competition in terms of competencies and achievements.

5. Take Full Advantage of your Job History

Convince your would-be bosses of the fact that your long term employment history is a further testament of your dedication, loyalty, and commitment instead of letting them think that you merely stayed idle over the years.

With these 5 tips, you can confidently present yourself to any company knowing that your resume speaks volumes on what you have accomplished and what more you can do for your new company. In today’s job market, a long term career will be spent with several different companies, so marketing your strengths to future employers is the key to job security and growth.

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