5 Tips To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Apply these tips to never run out of battery on the laptop. I love my laptop! You can carry it wherever and whenever you want, inside or outside the home, and write articles like this from where prefer either a cafeteria or home.

But wherever it is, there is something that you always have to keep an eye on, and is the battery. Because unless you have an outlet nearby, all the wonder of having a laptop ends up going nowhere. So the first thing I learned, and I want to show today is how to make the laptop battery last longer.

Plug it whenever possible

One sure way to ensure that your laptop is always ready for action plugged into an electrical outlet whenever possible. Keep a fully charged battery makes it much more likely that you always have enough time to complete your work or send that important email computer battery.

Adjust the Brightness of the Screen

Modern LED backlit displays are a major improvement on the old screens, both in terms of picture quality and energy efficiency. Still, the screen of a laptop is one of the things that expends energy. So if you keep the glow of the screen, you will find that the battery gives up noticeably.

Close Applications that do not use

One of the main responsible for draining the battery of your laptop are software applications that are not using but are running in the background, and absorb a disproportionate amount of energy. Web browsers are particularly prone to the latter problem, so close all pages, tabs and browsers that are not using at the time.

Deactivate Energy-intensive Applications

After closing the applications you do not use, the next thing you have to do is to close those energy-intensive applications, such as Torrent clients and intensive applications such as graphic design. You should also ensure that Windows Update and other software updaters are not attempting to download large updates.

Disable Devices that are not required

To save energy you can also disable ports or hardware devices that are not required, although this option is not possible with all laptops. It begins disabling the wireless features that are not necessary, such as integrated data modems and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The DVD drive is another thing that consumes a lot of energy, so make sure you do not leave a DVD or Blu-ray disc in the drive if you need not.