5 Tools To improve Your Social Media Process

Do you wonder if you are making the best use of your social media presence? There are several apps now available that could help you make better use of social networking sites than you may be at the moment.

Below are 5 of these tools that can help you with your use of social media.

  1. Blitzmetrics

Ever wondered how your different social media presences are performing? This app helps you keep track of statistics that will tell you just that. You no longer have to keep track of statistics from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever social media you have a presence on, individually. This app will collate the information for you. It will keep track of, and analyse, stats from all the social media you are on. This information can then be available to anyone in your company that needs to know .

  1. Pitch Engine

Are there times when you want to get information out about a promotion or special event but don’t have time to contact individual news outlets? Pitch Engine allows you to create a one page website with all the relevant information and including text,  images, videos, links, etc. You can then post the page on your social media account for all to see. It is an ideal way to get information out there and can also be attached to emails, or your normal website.

  1. Tracky

Would you like to share information and collaborate on projects with others? This app allows you to do just that. It is a task management platform that combines things like email, chat, and file sharing so that you are able to work on projects with others. The app can be used to share information via social media like Twitter, Facebook etc, and access can be set depending on who you are collaborating with on different projects.

  1. Wildfire

Would you like to have a competition on your Facebook or other social media page? If so this is the app for you. With wildfire you can easily create contests and sweepstakes for your followers on social network sites. The app will also give you a report on your social media marketing campaigns and promotions

  1. Buffer

Would you like to be able to put interesting content on your social media throughout the day but have not got the time to be constantly posting? This app means that you can collect relevant articles, images, and videos, etc, and then schedule them to be posted automatically at intervals throughout the day on your social network pages. This will mean you can always have interesting content for your followers and customers and keep them engaged with your business.

Using the above apps should really help you optimise your social media use.

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