5 Top Tips For Moving Abroad

Moving to a new country is something which many people can only dream about. If you are lucky enough to be in this position, congratulations! There are all sorts of reasons why people move abroad – work, adventure and retirement being just three of the most important factors.

Whilst moving abroad is an exciting prospect, there are several crucial factors which need to be taken into account before the departure date. It is important to plan thoroughly before taking the leap. Here are the five top tips for moving abroad.

House Contents : Moving the entire contents of a house across continents can be a stressful experience. Box trailers can be purchased from Blueline Trailers at cost-effective prices. Box trailers are a convenient way to move house contents because they can be fastened to the back of a car or a truck. If items are too delicate to be taken over land then they should be handled by a specialist international moving company who will be able to put items into proper storage cases and flown to the destination.

Health Insurance : It is extremely important to plan your health care before going abroad. Many people think that they infallible only to suffer illness or injury which ends up costing thousands of pounds in medical care to fix. Younger people may be tempted to put this off because they can convince themselves that it is an unnecessary cost. However, this can be a fatal mistake so don’t wait until it is too late.

Pets : Taking your pet abroad is a great idea. However, a few things need to be carefully considered. Is the new country suitable for a pet? Does the pet have all the necessary vaccinations and medication? And does the pet have all the necessary documentation to make sure that it is able to travel into the new country? Make sure to take these questions into consideration.

Children : Children can really benefit from a move abroad as this is a chance for them to absorb a brand new culture and see a different part of the world. However, make sure to think of the children as well as yourself before moving. The new country should be suitable for them to live in, and there should be a good standard of schools to choose from. It might be a good idea to enrol the kids in a language class before the big move.

Tax : Whilst it may be convenient to ignore tax matters back home, this can turn into a headache later on. In order to stay eligible for the state pension, you will need to make voluntary payments of National Insurance from overseas. This can involve lengthy email exchanges and phone calls with the tax office, so do it whilst you are in the UK. Check the type of tax you need to pay in the new country as well.

Moving abroad shouldn’t be a challenging prospect. Follow this guide to make the whole process as easy as possible.