5 Travel Rules Which Will Help You Not Get Lost

5 Travel Rules Which Will Help You Not Get Lost

When you are travelling somewhere, it is imperative to have a good time and enjoy the time you will be spending away from your home. Sadly, it is practically impossible to do so if you are worried about getting lost all the time. Travelers have enough anxieties as it is: are they going to lose my luggage? Am I going to arrive on time? Did I bring enough money? Did I put my money on a safe place? You don’t need worries about getting lost added to this tangled mess of worries, so here is how you are going to stay on track while travelling.

Be Prepared

Regardless of whether you are going to a nearby town or across the world, you should take some time to prepare well for the trip. Planning ahead means that you will have some general knowledge of the place you will be travelling to; so take time to read travelling books, tourist guides, and that you have searched online for great restaurants and cafes where you can hang out alone or with your travelling companions. Not only will this give you a better perspective of the new area, but you will be more confident and less afraid as well.

Lifesaving ‘accessories’

While this can also be added to ‘be prepared’ category, it is something you take with you when you go. Know where you will be staying and dig up places where you want to go, type it in your precise GPS navigation or prinscreen it from your phone. This means that you will have a handy map in the palm of your hand, and it is not only convenient but handy and well-thought as well. For those who do not believe maps are outdated, bring it with you; it does not require electricity of wifi in order to work, and you will always be able to use it.

Asking for Directions

This is something many people are shy of doing in fear that they will look ridiculous. There is nothing ridiculous about asking for directions, it is more so when you are hopelessly spinning in circles and denying you’re lost. Ask the locals, they know the place best and will be able to give you a helping hand and even show you a nice shortcut to your desired destination. What is more, once you get out of the mess, you will be able to help someone else who is in similar situation as you. Of course, be picky with people you approach, you still want to stay safe while travelling, and use your most charming smile.

Open Your Eyes

Stay wide awake and pay close attention to your surrounding; this will allow you to keep track of where you are but it will also keep you safe. Read all the signs there are, read the names of the streets and different parts of the city, and if you are unsure about it, look at a bank, grocery store, or a hardware store, since they have their address written on windows and shop signs.

Train Your Photographic Memory

When you are travelling to a place you have already visited, or you are going through a province you have been to at some point, try to recall the landmarks you noticed the last time you were there. You don’t have to have photographic memory in order to remember landscape or the way a street had looked.

Getting lost may be something we all fear and would never want to experience, but ultimately it is a genuine experience which will help you learn more about yourself and the place you were lost in. Don’t panic, always have you map by your side, and don’t hesitate to ask for help; this way you will be able to get un-lost quite soon.