5 Unique And Creative Ways To Say Thank You

What’s the best way to say thank you for something? Saying thank you is both straightforward in terms of phoning someone up or thanking them in person. However, you can try a more unique and creative approach to thanking people. These ways can range from craft projects like fabric bookmarks or cards, through to baking specially designed cookies, or producing gift baskets. Giving these presents as a surprise represents a truly memorable way to say thank you, and one that shows you’ve gone out of your way when dealing with someone. The strengths of these forms of thanks are expanded upon below:
1 – Fabric Bookmarks
A simple way to make the most of items around the house, fabric bookmarks can make great personalised gifts. They can be given as thank you’s to teachers, or more generally to friends and loved ones that like reading. To make a fabric bookmark, simply take some fabric scraps, and cardboard backing. Cut out the fabric using a measured template, iron it down, and use fabric glue to attach it to a backing card.
2 – Making Cookies
A great way to show your thanks is to bake a batch of cookies or cakes for someone as a gift. These can be decorated with messages, or can be given with a card attached. It’s a good idea to find out what the person’s preferences are first, ideally from friends, and whether they have any allergies. A simple box of cookies given directly can make a significant impression, and can also be shared as a more general thanks to a group of people. Moreover, if you’re not much of a baker, look online for companies that specialise in personalised cookies.
3 – Videos
A thank you video represents a creative way to say thanks to a person, and can be made into a group project. Multiple people can collaborate on a short video that plays out sketches and anecdotes, as well as jokes and musical numbers about the recipient. This kind of gift can be excellent for office leaving videos, or for someone who’s moving away from the country for a significant length of time. A video can be given on a DVD, or uploaded to a social network.
4 – Making Home Made Thank You Cards
Home made thank you cards reward the time put into them, and give you license to experiment with different formats. Cardboard, paper and extra touches like ribbons and photographs can help you to design a unique card that can be given as a special thank you message. As well as making cards by hand, you can also download card formats online, and include photographs of personal occasions and memories.
5 – Gift Baskets
If you are unsure about what to get someone, bringing together a number of smaller gifts in a basket can be a good solution. Small presents like a bottle of wine, flowers with a card, baked good and photographs can be placed together, and handed over as a way of saying thank you that can keep on providing value for the recipient long after the original giving.
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