5 Unique Gift Ideas That People Will Love And Remember

Can’t wait till that next birthday invitation! But what to bring? Browsing could take ages and who has the time? No problem.

Here are 5 suitable gifts for any occasion:
1) Games
At a party she’s standing there hoping someone friendly will talk to her. Almost everyone doesn’t know each other. Shyness alert. This party is entering the awkward zone. This is an EMERGENCY!
This party needs an icebreaker. Break out the presents! Play a game.
Not just any game. How about card games? But not regular cards. Try card game Monopoly or Uno. They’re easy to learn, quick to play and suitable for any size group. Everyone loves them.
2) Popcorn Gift Baskets
Buttery salty crunch. Or mouth melting caramel. Who doesn’t crave Popcorn? Everyone can lower their hand now. Popcorn and a movie is an American tradition.
Watch the receiver’s face light up when they unwrap a popcorn gift basket! Then pop the popcorn, and turn out the lights. Drum roll please.
Crunch down and get ready for a loud flick. Loud enough to drown out everyone’s crunching (or try subtitles). And for the more adventurous try a zesty new popcorn flavor, like lemon pepper or garlic popcorn.
3) Unique Kitchen Utensils with Fruit Baskets
Great tasting food has to be prepared with love. Surprise everyone with an apple corer which leaves the apple in a symmetrically sliced appealing design. The apple becomes finger food and bite sized. Chomp!
An avocado scooper? Hmmm becomes mmm… Instantly turn that avocado into a dip for nachos, tortillas, chips or pita. Bring some napkins too.
4) Photo Album
Give a little tender loving care and go the extra mile with a photo album. Printed photographs give off vibes of warm nostalgia. Let those sentimental memories return:
“There is the best man tripping over the bride as she says her vows…”
“Baby’s first step! Aw, so cute!”
“Everyone is smiling in the family picture. Almost everyone. This picture would be sublime if only junior wasn’t sticking out his tongue cross eyed. Does anyone here know Photoshop?”
5) Flower Baskets
Brighten up any room with a colorful arrangement of flowers. Relax to the scent of nature. Flowers make an illuminating centerpiece for any party or occasion. Get ready for some compliments:
“It sure beats the smell of air freshener.”
A person can only bring so much to a party. Gift, endearing company—check. Teaching a class on training others politeness and manners—not so much. Oh well, practice makes perfect.
So, next time somebody needs a gift idea, pronto, grab one of these gifts and head out the door!
Article Written By Jesse Dugan; being part of a professional team of writers, he is always looking for new Guest Blogging Opportunities.  Follow @JesseDugan or on Google+