5 Unreasonable Reasons To Take Up A Golden Triangle Tour In India

We human beings are bestowed with intellect- a unique gift in the whole animal kingdom. We use it to think logically and come to decisions rationally and reasonably. But do we really act or want to act all reasonable all the time? No, sometimes we want to let our inner child go crazy with the stuff that others might label ‘crazy’ because they wanted to do that too but are not courageous enough.

So, there could be a scenario when you are going mental with the sheer amount of work when you suddenly come across a blog on Golden Triangle tour in India. On a whim, you decide to take a vacation and when somebody asks why and why now, give any of the following as a piece of your mind:

  1. You are looking forward to initiate in India Travel with the best and most popular

If you are India-travel-virgin, Golden Triangle route which essentially takes you through Delhi, Agra and Jaipur is the best way to get initiated with ways, culture, customs and traditions of India. Though that would definitely be challenged when you go to the other parts of India as every single region is bestowed with tons of uniqueness.

  1. You want a to touch as many aspect of India travel in a really short vacation

 You have only few days in hand and want to see marvellous architectural and historical heritage that many documentaries on Discovery and National Geography Channels have covered. But you also want to see Royal Bengal Tigers when you have finally come down to India after waiting for so long. You also don’t want to miss the delicacies of Old Delhi and Rajasthani cuisine while you are up to traveling to India. Festival and fairs of North India are also on your wish-list. So for such an experience you can blindly begin with Golden Triangle trip packages.

  1. You have a deep inexplicable urge to visit India but not sure where to begin from

 Having heard about India from your friends and read about in on Internet, you had always wanted to be here even if for a short while but couldn’t find time. Moreover, you don’t even have any idea as to where to begin travelling this vast country from. This is where taking up Golden Triangle trip works wonders.

And ‘now’ is always good enough. Just do some research on first-time travelling in India, best travel service providers, budgets and transportation to start planning before applying for visa and leaves.

  1. You got some extra cash and want to spend on a uniquely North Indian Excursion

 Any extra bucks never feel wrong and always spent right when spent on a vacation to rejuvenate a tired mind and to give some precious time to self as well as the family. An indisputable worthiness of the experience of days and nights spent in the royal city of Jaipur, the capital city of India (New Delhi) and the place of eternal love (Agra) can never be contested.

  1. You are dying to get into a Luxury Train that boasts a royal itinerary as well

You might have experienced journeying in various luxury trains across the world, but riding an Indian-styled luxury train that comes with its own restaurant and bar, spa, royal coaches and attention is an experience of a lifetime. They do come with their own itineraries that extend a little beyond the usual Golden Triangle route but now before leaving you more satisfied with Indian travel experience.

If any of the reasons stay with you longer, do give them a try. After all it’s not everyday that you suddenly think of picking a Delhi Agra Jaipur tour package!