5 Vegetables That Are Great For You

Many people say that you should eat your veggies. However, little thought is given to what the best vegetables are. There are many good vegetables that will not only protect you from illness, but they will also boost your overall health.

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1. Broccoli
Broccoli is one of the richest vegetables. These vegetables are good about fighting diseases due to being a large source of antioxidants.
2. Carrots
Carrots are known for helping your eyes. These orange vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals that help the eyes, skin and the hair. One of the vitamins that carrots carry is Vitamin A. This vitamin is what helps out with your eyes. Carrots are also a good source of vitamin C. This will protect your immune system as well and save you from getting sick.
3. Sweet Potatoes
This veggie is not only great tasting, but it also has a lot of nutrients that will help protect you from cancer. They are a great source of iron, Vitamin C, A, fiber and manganese. These fruits will not only protect you from illness, but they will also give you a lot of energy.
4. Bell Peppers
These types of veggies come in many different colors. They also have different tastes, textures and levels of spiciness. These peppers are loaded with nutrients like folic acid and lycopene. Also, there has been studies that suggest that bell peppers may help in preventing cancer of various types.
5. Spinach
You’ll be strong to the finish if you eat your spinach. This vegetable is actually packed with every type of nutrient that you will need. If you eat spinach, you might actualyl prevent a multitude of diseases from happening like arthritis.
Eating your vegetables are very important. They will not only keep you from gaining unwanted pounds, but they will also supply you with abundant energy so that you can easily get through the day. Sadly, a lot of people are not eating enough vegetables. Instead, they are bombarded with junk foods. There are ways that you can eat more vegetables. There are a lot of dishes that you can prepare in order to help you increase your intake of vegetables. You can even start adding vegetables to your normal diet if it consists mostly of processed foods. The whole point is to start eating healthier foods.
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