5 Warning Signs You’re Not Working With The Right Accident Claims Solicitor

Claims Solicitor

There are hundreds of law firms and thousands of solicitors out there competing against one another to take on your case. The claims industry is undoubtedly one of the most highly competitive – and regulated – in the world, however there is a clear divide between the good accident claims solicitors and the not-so-good accident claims solicitors.

Unfortunately, claimants don’t usually find this out until the claims process is well underway. If you are losing confidence in your claims solicitors or lawyer, here’s 5 warning signs you’re not working with the right accident claims solicitor:

  1.      No Communication

This is a biggie. Your solicitor is acting on your behalf; it’s only right that they update you on your claim when there’s news. You can expect an update at least once a month from your solicitor if there’s news. If there isn’t news, you can expect the same courtesy to stop you from thinking about it. Even worse is if you try to communicate with your solicitor and they don’t accept or return your calls. In this case, try writing them. If they’ve become completely unresponsive, consider visiting them in-person if possible or seek additional legal advice.

  1.      Disorganisation

This is usually the first warning sign that something is up. For example, if your solicitor asks for essential documents which you know you’ve sent and have been delivered and your solicitor asks you for them again, the alarm bells should start ringing. It’s prudent to always ask your solicitor for confirmation of receipt of any documents – I know it’s not up to you or ideal to get confirmation, however some solicitors do need a little push on certain things.

  1.      Poor Reputation

There are consumer forums full of complaints about solicitors. However, it’s not legal to name and shame a company on an open forum. If you have found similarities between some reviews and your own experiences, you may wish to direct message the poster to find out what the law firm in question is. If it’s the same as yours, that’s a warning sign.

  1.      Poor Handling of Complaints

Wish to make a complaint? Get in line – alarm bells should start ringing if your solicitor has no easy way for you to complain about them. If they make it hard to complain, remember that each solicitors firm will have a designated complaints handler – you can find their details from the Solicitors Regulation Authority Contact Centre on the SRA website.

  1.      Lack of Action

On all of the above – especially after you’ve complained. If communication, disorganisation or any of the above becomes too frequent and/or persistent, then you’re definitely not working with the right accident claims solicitor. Consider terminating your contract with them – a good solicitor will be able to assist you with this, possibly with no cost to yourself.