5 Water Parks You Don’t Want To Miss This Summer

With summertime fully in swing, the most important thing to do now is not to get out and enjoy
the sun – you already know how to do that – but to get out and enjoy the sun without, you know,
getting too hot. Considering it’s already July, that might seem like a physical impossibility, but it
doesn’t have to be if you play your cards right.

Specifically, you should be thinking one thing: water. And no one does water better than water
parks, who offer you an array of rides and attractions from the intense to the relaxing. If you
want to make sure you get out in the sun but keep your “cool,” you’ll have to go to a water park.
Here are five of them that you won’t want to miss.

1. Water Country, USA. Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, this waterpark is built for people
who like a more “retro” experience when they head out on a sunny day. The largest wave pool
in Virginia, Surfer’s Bay, is also an attraction that brings a lot of people, making it a great way
to stay cool while enjoying a little bit of watery-fun. Also famous in Water Country? The slow-
moving rivers, which act almost as a transportation system around the park.

2. Wet ‘n’ Wild Emerald Point. Greensboro, North Carolina’s monster of a water park, Wet ‘n’
Wild Emerald Point is not only famous for being the largest water park in the Carolinas, but for
child-friendly attractions like Happy Harbor and Splash Island as well as extreme thrillers like
the Skycoaster. Indeed, there’s something at Wet ‘n’ Wild for everyone – and there should be,
considering how big the park is.

3. Splish Splash. Long Island’s contribution to our list also has one of the catchiest names,
but it’s the unique attractions – like the Cliff Diver slide, standing at 8 stories tall – that make
Splish Splash a worthy contribution to this list. A unique attraction at Splish Splash is “Close
Encounters of the Bird Kind,” featuring four outgoing parrots that are sure to be a good session
of entertainment for the whole family.

4. Sahara Sam’s. Admittedly, indoor waterparks are generally wintertime fare, a way to
experience a feeling of summer when the weather outside feels…well, the opposite. Sahara
Sam’s in New Jersey is an indoor waterpark but a great option for people who want to avoid not
only the heat but the sun as well – especially if you don’t like putting sunscreen on. After all,
what better way to beat the heat than to stay out of the sun?

5. Noah’s Ark, Wisconsin. Wisconsin isn’t usually a place you’d associate with great
waterparks, but it gets hot in the summer there, too – Wisconsinites have the world’s largest
waterpark to beat the heat in Noah’s Ark. Considering its raw size, Noah’s Ark truly is a
waterpark of – if you’ll forgive the pun – Biblical proportions. The Black Anaconda is also the
country’s largest water coaster, which means Noah’s Ark doesn’t just deliver on sheer acreage
but on its rides as well.

Neville Luff is a marketing strategist for Zoggs’ swimwear, where they offer not just swimwear but a variety of performance swim goggles as well.