5 Ways Counseling Can Help Your Marriage

When your marriage is on the rocks, it is a smart idea to sign up for marriage counseling as soon as possible in order to stabilize your marriage. A counselor provides both parties with an equal opportunity to voice their concerns in regards to a marriage. Whether one spouse has cheated or another spouse is currently going through a mid-life crisis, a counselor can provide tremendous help in saving the marriage. Here 5 ways that a counselor can help your own marriage survive difficult times.

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1. Dealing with grief

When one spouse’s mother or father has died, the experience of loss can put a toll on any marriage. Depending on how close a spouse was with an immediate family member who has died, the other spouse may feel like the grief is overwhelming. When a couple sees a counselor, a counselor can help both spouses figure out how to deal with the grief after a close family member has died. A counselor can also teach the other spouse how to be a good listener and deal with the pain of the other person.

2. Dealing with commitment issues

Perhaps one spouse has cheated on the other spouse. While the other spouse may feel resentful or angry, a counselor can help get to the root of the issue that has caused the other spouse to cheat. The two individuals may be able to work past the issue and come to resolution. A marriage does not have to be lost when one spouse has cheated on the other spouse. Marriage counseling can help prevent the incident from ever occurring again in the future.

3. Dealing with mid-life crisis issues

A mid-life crisis can put a severe strain on a marriage. The other spouse may believe that the person’s identity is changing and that he or she is not the same person who entered the marriage. A counselor will help both individuals come to know one another and respect differences that can be caused by a mid-life crisis. A counselor will also help the other spouse to become more understanding of the challenges that the person is facing in his or her mid-life crisis. Going to a counselor and speaking out about the mid-life crisis can also prevent the it from creating commitment issues within the marriage.

4. Voice concerns

Perhaps one spouse has been charged with a crime such as having inappropriate materials on his or her computer. When this is the case, the other spouse may be so repulsed that he or she wants to get out of the marriage. A counselor can help two people overcome the issue and help the other spouse deal with any feelings he or she feels about the criminal act. In those instances where a marriage is completely over, a counselor can still help both individuals achieve a sense of closure.

5. Deal with an illness in the family

When a couple is taking care of an elderly parent within their own home, tension can be created in a marriage. Dealing with illnesses like dementia in an elderly parent can be wearing on both people in the marriage. A counselor can help two individuals come to accept the situation or find alternative ways of dealing with the illness. A counselor will help each person have respect for the other’s viewpoint.

These are 5 of the ways that counseling can save a marriage from falling apart. It is always better to get help as soon as possible rather than wait until the last possible minute. A counselor can help a couple find solid ground in dealing with contentious issues.

Rodney Willis is a marriage counselor and guest author at BestMastersInCounseling.com, a site with information and guides to getting a masters in counseling.