5 Ways To Avoid Losing Superstar Employees

If you are a business owner or manager, you know how important your superstar employees are. No business can be successful unless it is run by dedicated, professional employees. If you have some superstars on your staff and want to ensure they remain with your company, keep reading. Here are five ways you can avoid losing your superstar employees.

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Offer Competitive Benefits

The best way to retain superstar employees is to offer competitive benefits. If your employees are not getting the benefits that are standardly offered by companies in your industry, they might decide to learn with their skills and expertise and take a position with a company has more to offer its employees. While an adequate salary is the most important part of your employee’s compensation package, make sure you are offering other attractive benefits as well, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and vacation days.

Give Them Opportunities To Grow

Your superstar employees probably became experts at their jobs because they love learning new skills and putting them to use. Without challenges, they might feel bored, and could consider looking for a new position. Provide your employees with educational opportunities. For example, you could supply training materials for software programs and encourage your employee to learn new computer technologies when they have downtime. You could pay for your employee to take a college course relevant to their role at your company. Encouraging your employee to attend an industry conference would allow them to stay on top of recent developments in their field.

Avoid Micromanaging Them

If you have an employee who is competent, productive, and professional, they probably realize that they are an asset to your company. If one of your employees is an expert in their field, do not treat them as if they needed constant direction to complete even the smallest tasks. Although you should establish clear expectations and provide plenty of support, take a hands-off approach with highly skilled employees and only intervene if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, they might seek an employer who has more respect for their abilities.

Find Out Their Motivations

Another way to make sure that you can retain your best employees is to find out their motivations so that you can reward them in ways they will truly appreciate. Maybe your superstar employee is dedicated to their family. If that is the case, brainstorm ways that you can help your employee care for their loved ones. Perhaps you could set up an employer-sponsored college fund for your employees’ children. Alternatively, maybe your superstar employee would appreciate being able to work from home. If that is the case, consider letting your employee telecommute once or twice a week. Good employees are worth accommodating.

Maintain A Pleasant Working Environment

No employee wants to spend their day in a toxic, unwelcoming work environment. As a manager, do your best to ensure that your workplace is professional, welcoming, and productive. Discourage, to the extent that you can, petty office drama and gossiping. A manager or supervisor can reduce this type of behavior by refusing to engage in these conversations. All of your employees will appreciate your professionalism and integrity. Your employees should feel like members of a team, not competitors. A hostile workplace does not encourage worker loyalty.

Gina Rivers is a HR manager and guest author at HumanResourcesMBA.net, a site with information and guides on getting an MBA in Human Resources.