5 Ways To Become Popular YouTube Uploaders

For YouTube uploaders, there’s no better feeling than seeing their videos have been accessed by many people. Unfortunately, many people continue to get minimal view counts, which may never exceed ten views after one year or more. This could be disappointing and frustrating for people who have invested a lot of time, money and effort to produce these videos. Fortunately, there are ways we can do to increase our popularities. Here are five things we should do improve our Youtube popularity:

1. Understand all the small details:

There are many details we should be aware of before gaining success in YouTube. As an example, we should be sure that our videos will look good on all mobile device types and screen resolutions. Before uploading our videos, it could be necessary to be aware of all settings and make sure the quality is consistent. This could give our videos an instant credibility.

2. Choose interesting topics:

This should be quite clear. It is important to choose topics that many people are interested with. Although some videos with obscure topics can be popular, we should improve our chances by choosing popular topics. After determining popular topics, we should choose the one that matches our passion. This could keep us motivated and progress forward.

3. Use proper equipments:

Creating videos require quality equipments. We may not be able to afford professional editing software or the best cameras; but we shouldn’t use very basic tools that produce poor results. In general, the more sophisticated our equipments are the better our video will look. We should learn and implement proper video editing techniques to enhance overall video quality. In this case, we need to consider what software to use and what equipment to buy.

It is also important to learn how to use these equipments and software. We need to be aware that software and technology improve quickly; so it is important to avoid buying outdated solutions.

4. Upload quality videos regularly:

Many successful YouTube channels release interesting videos regularly. Many of them release videos at the same day each week. We need to make sure that people are waiting for our videos. It may not be a good idea to release many videos every day, because people could lose interest gradually; especially if our video quality is mediocre. Our subscribers want to get consistency and it is important to manage expectations. When we open our channel, we should make sure that we could release videos with sustainable quality.

5. Interact with related channels:

It is a good idea to engage with other channels, especially if they have related topics. We may need to write positive, constructive and encouraging comments; so their viewers will be more interested to see our videos. Obviously, we shouldn’t spam their videos with links to our channel, because this can hurt our credibility. It is better to cultivate relationships and make proper comments. This way, people are more likely to return their favour. Eventually, we will see gradual increases in views on our videos.

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