5 Ways To Bust Your Drug-Dealing Neighbor And Remain Anonymous

Drug-dealing neighbors put the entire neighborhood at risk. They attract violent, scummy people who could cause trouble at any time. You can protect your children, your home, and your valuable possessions from drug dealers and their customers. People in search of drug money often resort to robberies and your house could easily become a target. Shootings often occur as a result of drug deals gone terribly wrong. Here are five ways to get the drugs out of your neighborhood and remain anonymous.

Drug Task Force
If your city or county has a drug task force, you can anonymously call them. They will try to collect information from you about the dealer’s home, their vehicles, their location, suspicious behavior, customer vehicles, and more. They will ask for physical descriptions of the dealer and the people who buy drugs from the dealer. Vehicle descriptions and house descriptions will also be necessary. You can choose to remain anonymous throughout this entire process. Simply tell the person on the phone that you prefer to not give out your name.
Collect Information
When you want to collect license plate numbers, you should do so in a stealthy manner. You don’t want to tip off the dealer and start a confrontation. The dealer could also stop for a while to avoid detection from investigators. The best way to do this is to casually walk by the vehicle, glance at the license plate number quickly, repeat it aloud to yourself, and then write it down when you’re out of the sight of the people in the house.
Give a Warning
You could try slipping a note under his door or placing one in his mailbox. Don’t sign your name on the note. Tell the dealer on the note that you will call the police if they don’t stop their activities. You could sign it as “Anonymous”, or maybe you won’t even need to sign it at all. The choice is yours.
Hold a Neighborhood Watch Meeting
Discuss your concerns with other individuals in your neighborhood. Maybe they have experienced the same situation that you have. They could be trying to get rid of the dealer, too, but that just don’t know what to do about it. A group of people is always more powerful than an individual.
Report Rented Properties
If a landlord knows what is happening at their property, they may be able to evict the dealer. Landlords don’t want drug dealers on their properties, so sending an anonymous tip to a landlord may be one way to get rid of a drug dealer.
Removing a drug dealer from your neighborhood is a great way to ensure the safety of everyone involved. You can remain anonymous and keep yourself away from any dangers and risks.
Peter Wendt lives in Austin, Texas where he writes about covert operations and private investigative matters. He suggests his readers visit here for more information on this topic.