5 Ways to Improve and Prevent Back Pain

Whether your back pain is relatively recent due to bad posture or a recurrent phenomenon, once you have experienced such an ache it can be difficult to reverse, but at least you can follow these few tips to improve your back pain or get rid of it.

  1. Keep exercising is the key. Like the rest of our skeletal structure our spines are meant to move. It could sound pretty silly but this is a serious piece of advice here since most of our jobs consist of sitting down in an office chair for long hours there are not that many opportunities to stretch and move. If you are experiencing a recent lower back pain you should therefore keep doing your daily activities, walking, climbing stairs and exercising at the condition to not overdo it. Cycling and back swimming are for example sports that do well on our backs.
  1. Stay fit. This naturally results from keeping exercising but did you know having strong abdominal muscles gives you more back support? From a physical perspective, training the muscles that support your spine and back not only helps prevent future aches but also helps maintain a good posture.
  1. Sleep right. Check that your pillows and mattress provide your body with the right support. Your pillows should be comfortable and also keep your shoulders and neck in alignment to relieve pressure exerted on them when lying on the bed. In the same way, your mattress should provide your back with excellent support to keep your spine correctly aligned. If back pain isn’t something new to you maybe you should consider sleeping with more supportive pillows made of memory foam or on a mattress specifically designed for taking care of bad backs such as an orthopedic mattress.
  1. Watch your posture. Maintaining the correct posture is very important to keep your spine strong and prevent back pain but most important is to identify what is a good posture so that you will be able to maintain it. We consider a healthy posture the one that keeps each part of your body in alignment with the neighboring parts. When sitting on an office chair or standing up for many hours, try watching your posture to maintain these natural curves and not stress your muscles.
  1. Keep up the good work. Now that you are a bit more enlightened on what helps your spine to be strong and supportive for your back (moving, exercising and sleeping tight) you should adopt in your daily routine for a healthier life. If the back pain still persists don’t forget to consult a doctor for more tailored advice.

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