5 Ways To Keep Your Desk Dwelling Brain Stimulated

Do you ever find yourself struggling at work, looking blankly at a seemingly vacant computer screen having done no work whatsoever? It’s a fact that all jobs come attached with some kind of boredom which results in you striking up a game of online tic-tac-toe with someone half way across the world in China. Keeping the brain stimulated at work is very important; you probably will feel more exhausted at the end of the day as a result of being bored rather than having a productive day. So, instead of taking the elevator up to the roof to say goodbye to the cruel world – take note of these top ways to keep your desk dwelling brain stimulated whilst at work.

credit: Rich Moffitt

Watch TED videos

If you didn’t know already, TED is an online resource of conferences & talks given by heads of industries & regular people who have achieved extraordinary things – talking about pretty much everything under the sun. If you are not feeling motivated at work, there are plenty of inspiring talks online that you can find that perhaps will feed your brain some stimulation; helping you to bang out that proposal in record breaking time! Here are a few great examples of some motivational talks.
Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days
Shea Hembrey: How I became 100 artists

Read some Interesting Articles

Reading is knowledge, Knowledge is power – what isn’t to like? If you are finding yourself twiddling your thumbs at your desk go through to this great page of the 50 most interesting articles on Wikipediaand work your way through them. The articles vary from ‘Fan Death’ to ‘As Slow as Possible’… have you even heard of these? No? Good!! You have a lot to be learnt then! After working your way through these, recite your knowledge to co-workers to give the illusion that you are a well-read person….for in fact, you will be well-read person!

Go About Increasing your IQ

Drooling away at your desk whilst you try to count the number of pins in the pin-board will not do your brain any good at all. So, why don’t you try to increase your IQ? This will ultimately help your personal life, work rate and efficiency. Go to this website for a complete 14 step breakdown of how to go about increasing your IQ. These IQ increasing tips range from listening to classical music, working on cryptology to actually playing video games. Don’t kill time killing brain cells at work; seek self-improvement by working towards a higher IQ.

Find ways to Enhance your Creativity

During our time work, we can all hit a creative block at some point. Instead of throwing screwed up balls of paper into the bin on the opposite side of the room, why not cure your creative block and find ways to enhance your creativity? This article at probloggergives a clever insight upon how to go about stimulating your mind into capturing some great ideas once again to impress the boss with.

Re-decorate and Clean your Workplace

Be constructive. In effort to be stimulated you should be working in a clean environment; clean space, clean mind. Start with brushing away all the dust, recycling the scrap paper and cleaning all the used coffee cups off of your desk. Add some plants, a few pictures and objects that will help you in your day- to-day work routine. Read this article on how to create a zen-like environment in the workplace, and go about improving your space.
In conclusion, don’t let your boring job get the best of you – go about improving yourself in your spare time and you will see positive results not only in your work life but in your personal life too.
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