5 Ways To Prevent Losing Your Luggage On Your Next Vacation

5 Ways To Prevent Losing Your Luggage On Your Next Vacation

A trip to any location outside of your home is always fun. It quickly turns into a nightmare when the luggage gets lost in transit. Whether you’ve had this problem happen once, twice, or ten times before, you need to avoid it at all costs. Review 5 ways to keep hold of your luggage on your next vacation.

Buy Easily Identifiable Luggage

Buy luggage that is bright and colorful with conspicuous designs that stand out from the crowd. Most luggage is black or a dark color that blends in with everyone else’s bags. An easy-to-recognize design makes it easier for both you and baggage claim handlers to find.

Add a Luggage Tag

Most vacationers add personalized name tags onto their luggage. A tag may be the only source of information to prove your ownership. Include a name, address and phone number to ensure that the bags get returned to you as quickly and safely as possible.

Some people hate having to write on flimsy, plastic tags. The cheap, plastic ones are more likely to tear off. Sometimes, other people cannot read the messy handwriting. To avoid losing the tag, attach a custom engraved luggage tag with the name written clearly.

Carry Less Luggage

Carry fewer pieces of luggage to reduce the chances of any getting lost. For a short trip lasting a few days, bring a large carry-on bag only. For a longer trip, bring one large piece of luggage instead of stuffing your belongings into several, different bags.

Add a Lock

A tag identifies that the bag is yours. Add a lock to ensure that your belongings are never touched or stolen. Thieves, including airport workers, are less likely to show interest in stealing or opening luggage that is locked.

Book Nonstop Flights

Book nonstop flights to reduce the number of transfers. Nowadays, there are nonstop flights that go all around the world. Normally, the more transfers you make, the more likely your luggage gets lost. Go straight to your destination to avoid dealing with incompetent workers at airports.

Save the time, money and hassle of hunting down lost baggage. It could take weeks before you see your bags again. However, this problem is common on international flights. For any new or experienced traveler, this problem will easily ruin your vacation. Plan the best ways to avoid losing your luggage at the airport and remain well-grounded during your trip.