5 Ways To Spice Up Your Morning Coffee

Many of us manage to just barely drag ourselves out of bed to start our morning coffee ritual. While there is of course a functional purpose to the morning coffee–being able to wake up–sometimes it can leave a little to be desired, and coffee houses are simply too expensive and calorie-packed, to say nothing of the long lines in the mornings. Here are a few simple tips to spice up your morning coffee without breaking the bank.

1. First is the most obvious suggestion: add spice! Of course the easiest way to spice up your morning coffee is to dabble in the spice cabinet. Using cinnamon sticks as a coffee stirrer is a great way to turn a bland cup of coffee into something exciting without adding any extra sugar or calories. Mint can add a touch of zest to a boring brew as well, and nutmeg is a common favorite. If you’re feeling particularly festive, a dash of pumpkin spice will successfully mimic a lot of seasonal coffee house brews.
2. Switch it up! Do you find yourself buying the same type of roast over and over simply out of habit? Next time you’re in the coffee aisle, pick out something you’ve never tried before. Seasonal flavors are excellent for this. It may not be an every day thing, but it can be a nice change of pace for when your morning coffee becomes repetitive.
3. Add some chocolate! As many of us know, chocolate makes everything better. Some chocolate creamer or powder can be a soothing addition to an average cup of coffee, and make us feel just a little bit like a child inside. This is especially perfect for those cold, bleak winter months.
4. Give yourself a salty sweet treat! Caramel and salt, while sounding somewhat strange, is used in a lot of coffee houses for a reason. Adding a little caramel and salt to your coffee will give it an exciting, toffee-like taste that’s delicious but not too cloying. Experiment with the amounts to find the right taste for you.
5. Add vanilla! A touch of vanilla will make your morning coffee brighter and more comforting. You can also experiment with a little bit of Irish Cream for special occasions, holidays and the icy winter months.
We have our morning coffee every day, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. The worst that can happen is that you’ll just need to pour yourself another cup of joe. Remember that the way you start your morning will affect your mood for the rest of the day.
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