5 Ways To Stay Fit Without Going To The Gym

Being in shape is important for a number of reasons, but some people prefer to not go to a gym. Either because of cost, time constraints, or they just do not like going. That is okay, people can stay very fit without ever stepping into a gym. It is relatively easy if you strive for a healthy lifestyle day in and day out. If you are already in great shape it is even easier to maintain your health, without going to the gym. There are a few things you can do to stay in great shape.

1- Hiking can be a great way to burn calories, while working your body out. When you hike, especially up and down hills, your body is working very hard. Not only mentally, watching out for hazards and using hand eye coordination. But also physically, going up hills can give you a great cardiovascular workout. In addition, muscles of the legs are worked pretty hard as well.
2- Biking is an easy way to stay in shape. If you can bike to work, or at least while running some errands even better. A great advantage to biking is that anyone can do it. If you are in poor shape, this may be the best place to start. Not only does biking burn calories and build muscle. It is also low stress on the joints and bones, so great for all levels. To really get the benefits of biking, you need to push it and ride at a quick pace, not just cruising at a low speed.
3- Working out without weights is easier than people realize. Exercises like squats or push-ups can work a lot of muscles. Using Your weight as resistance is very effective. Just about any weight lifting exercise that is done in the gym, can be mimicked without weights outside of the gym.
4- Swimming is an incredibly healthy way to get exercise. Like biking, it is not hard on the joints or bones. This can be a way to get the body lean, and to add muscle to your midsection.
5- Tennis is a fun way to keep in shape. People of all ages can play singles or doubles. Because it is a game that many enjoy, it does not feel like a regimented workout. A great thing about tennis is the quickness of the game. Your body burns calories when it is moving around that hard, and quickly.
Any fitness regime should come with an overall healthy lifestyle, and you are sure to mimic and possibly surpass the results you receive in a gym.
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