5 Weird Kiwi Dishes To Try

5 Weird Kiwi Dishes To Try

No matter where you go in the world, one should always try local cuisine and traveling by campervan hire New Zealand is no different. New Zealand has many great and fun things to do, but it also has some highly strange dishes that are as delicious as they are unique.

Following are our 6 favorite strange Kiwi dishes that you must try when you visit New Zealand:

1. Huhu Grub: It sounds exotic, doesn’t it? You aren’t wrong, it is so exotic that it may make you a little scared to eat it. The huhu grub is a beetle found in New Zealand. Think maggot, and you will get the picture. It used to be considered a Maori delicacy, and well, some people still enjoy it. Might as well try it while you’re there. (If you like peanut butter, you’ll love them!)

2. Ginger Beer: This may not be a dish, but it’s tasty as can be and while Austinites may shout in anger that, “We have ginger beer!” a Kiwi will respond with, “Yes, but does it have alcohol in it.” Mind you, they will have a very big smirk on their face because ginger beer (real beer) is really delicious, especially if you like beer and ginger. I sure do!

3.Tuatua: This shellfish is only find in New Zealand, so make sure to enjoy it while you are there, but don’t develop an addiction to it or else you will have to move there to satisfy your cravings. With a soft texture and a mild flavor, it’s a delicious seafood that you should undoubtedly take advantage of eating while in the land of the Maori.

4. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream: Funny name, no? But Hokey Pokey ice cream is quite delicious and worth trying while you are road-tripping through New Zealand, especially during the warm summer months. Rock candy, caramel, and vanilla-while it sounds simple, the flavor is delightfully delectable.

5. Hangi: This is more a way of cooking than it is a dish, but the flavors found in meat that has been made in a Hangi is truly delicious. Potatoes and meat cooked underground is basically what a Hangi consists of and not only is it a fun experience, but food cooked in a Hangi is very tasty. You will have to have a dinner of lamb made in a hangi, at least once while in New Zealand, because if not, can you really say that you have lived?

6. Possum Stew: Before you scream no at the idea, you have to walk into a restaurant or home where possum stew has been cooked and smell the delightful aroma filling the air and then, then you can make a decision. It is actually a tasty stew and worth taking, at least, a small bite of.

New Zealand has many of the foods that you know and love back home, but many of them may have a twist on them. Meat pie here is full of amazing combinations that you may have never dreamed of and fished shaped candies that are fun and sweet.