5+ Wow Tips To Know In Order To Become A Competitive Medical Expert

5+ Wow Tips To Know In Order To Become A Competitive Medical Expert

Gone are the days when only a few people would dare to pursue a career in medicine. Many people are taking up the challenge and accomplishing various milestones in this particular field, and from both sexes. It is no longer a reserve for male students only.

For you to be a successful applicant to a particular school, you will need to write a convincing personal statement to plead your case and help you secure that position. Maybe you would need a gastroenterology fellowship personal statement; you can find such services offered online. A good letter of recommendation for residency is also a necessity, so you might want to start collecting and thinking about it early.

Having to juggle between studies and the bills that one acquires in medical school, can be challenging, more so, if you are not a beneficiary of a scholarship for an eras fellowship. However, you still need to perform well for you to become an expert. The following tricks will get you started:

Tips on How to Become a Competitive Expert

1. Be part of a Research Study or Publication

When applying for a residency, having conducted a research case study or having a publication to your name can give you an edge over others. Try and be involved in basic research in science. Include your research or publications in your application, and preferably those that are related to your field of study.

The more you have, the better. At least have three or more research or publications to your name.

2. Be involved in Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities show that you are an all-rounded individual. Just like in any field, or as you may have gathered from your college application, people who are also active participants in extracurricular activities get the priority. Yes, having to balance between your studies and other activities may be difficult, but try to be active on them too. You never know when you would need a residency recommendation letter again and your connections and networking, never goes in vain.

3. Volunteerism

Well, no one expects you to be a jack of all trades. But you need to have something to show in your CV. If you can’t find time to be involved in extracurricular activities, try volunteerism. You will not only get practical experience, but you may also be able to network with different professionals in your field of study, which will come in handy, in time, if not then.

It is the chance for you to give back to the society.

4. Ensure Your Grades and Boards are solid

Your grades and boards have high importance in reflecting your ability to learn and understand the concepts in your study. The field of medicine requires one to be able to apply the skills learned in practice and problem-solving. Attend classes and ensure that your transcript is impressive to look at.

5. Take on Leadership Roles

Don’t be afraid to take leadership roles. If you have a desire to lead, then go ahead and do it. It adds flavor to your CV. Also, when applying for any employment position, they prefer individuals who can take charge of a difficult situation and lead by example, while delivering according to or beyond expectation.

6. Explore different career options available to you

If you are not decided on the career path that you would like to take, then, explore the various options available to you. Try and explore those options that you may not rotate in as an MS3. For example, Ortho, Urology, EM, etc. Don’t limit yourself before discovering where your passions lie. You have come this far and do not want to look at another residency letter of recommendation sample, but the options are endless.


More people are venturing into the field of medicine, and this calls for competition. It isn’t a must that you become the best overall, just because you got a gi fellowship, give it your best shot and be among the best. Discover your passion before specializing in a particular field, take on leadership roles.

But don’t forget to ensure that your grades are okay. And be part of research or have three or four publications to your name that are relevant to your field of study.