5Ways You Can Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

Although most species of the spiders do not do any harm to human beings most of us do not like the idea of sharing the space with these eight-legged folks. But problem arises when we also do not want to do any harm to our scuttling friends.

As days tend to become shorter, leaves shed color we start thinking of soups and cozy warm living rooms there is one change which we deem as least desirable, this change is characterized by the migration of spiders from our gardens to inside of our homes.

As we know that arachnids flee the cold temperatures and go in search of mate this is the time we are dreaming longingly of dry fruits and soups and thinking how to prevent these unwelcomed guests. Thus here we are to give some top ways to keep spiders out of home:

1. Essential Oils

One of the best ways to keep spiders out of home is to use essential oils. Strong scents repel spiders and fortunately acquiring them is not a big deal for us because we use them as home fragrances. You can use essential oils like peppermint, lavender, cinnamon and rose. Also, keep changing the oil would help the remedy to continue to be effective.

2. Vinegar

In case essential oils do not work, this another one of the ways to keep spiders out of home. All you have to do is to have a spray full of white vinegar and water (half and half consistency) in corners, crevices and cracks to get rid of spiders. However, keep in mind that the vinegar should be kept away from varnished surfaces as they can be damaged.

3. Do Cleaning

Spiders like to reside in places where they can hide and you need to get rid of these hideouts. In order to do this, you should clean up and tidy your house. De-clutter and cleanse your house. Also, choose plastic storage containers over the cardboard boxes as spiders would not crawl into them. Also make it your routine to dust and vacuum to clean your house from unwanted webs.

4. Protect Your House’s Exterior

You must have heard that prevention is better than cure. Apply it here as well. Prevent the spiders getting into your home by removing anything they can hide in from the exterior walls. It can be grass, leaves, vegetation, clippings, woodpiles and compost.

Also look out for cracks in the window sills and door openings through which spiders can sneak in and seal these cracks with caulk. Also place mesh over chimneys and vents and repair the torn window screens.

5. Do Gardening

Plant a tree with strong smell that can drive the spiders away. Eucalyptus tree is a good option because it is low maintenance and also smells wonderful. Its strong medicinal will shun the spiders away. However, if you don’t have enough room then you can grow a lavender or mint plant near or underneath windows. In this way spiders cannot get inside your home.