6 Creative Cookies For Your Next Desert Platter

Designing homemade cookies are one of the best opportunities for creativity on a small scale during any occasion. A cookie dessert platter can be the perfect finishing touch to any event, and it can be designed to fit the motif of the get together as well. The designs for cookies vary, depending on type of event; be it a holiday, dinner party, or even a high end family event, like a wedding.

Valentines Cookies

Love is a common theme for many special occasions, and heart shaped cookies are more numerous and generic than almost any other shaped cookie, besides the classic circle cut. Playing with that design can create something new and exciting, while still keeping with the ever lasting love concept. One of the most unique designs I have seen involves the tradition heart shaped cookies, with a cream center, and helping hold up the structures of the heart are upside down strawberries. Strawberries are closely related to the concept of love and are the perfect addition to the stuffed heart cookie.

Cookie Portraits

Creating portraits out of cookies is also a new fad in cookie design, and are perfect if you are celebrating someone birthday, a promotion or another special event in a friend or family member’s life. Of course the level of detail required for this type of cookie platter is extreme, unless you intend to create more of a caricature rather then a lifelike portrait of the individual.

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Cookies for All Ages

Cookies are often represented as being associated with children, and a baby shower is a perfect opportunity for the use of a cookie dessert platter. Cookies are easy to eat without creating much mess, and can feed many people at once. A new design that is being used of late is a design that actually looks like the shape of a small child or baby to represent the birth of a child. It is much more common to see either a bottle shape or baby slippers, but it takes much more effort to try to create the image of a sleeping child.

Of course, cookies are not only used for children’s celebration’s and often can be used for more adult occasions. Although Halloween is also often associated with children, a new theme for the holiday includes horror themed dessert platters. One of the most creative cookie designs is a larger cookie, in the shape of a crescent moon, and smaller cookies baked on top in the shape of flying creatures, including bats, witches and ghosts.

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Theme Cookies

Not every occasion requires a theme, and sometimes creating something unique is based solely on the person hosting the event. On these occasions there is more room to be creative without being stifled by having a prefixed concept. In these cases a good design might be simply a representation of the get together itself. A fun way to liven up a book discussion is to have a platter, each cookie being in the shape of a book, and personalized with the readers favorite novel.

Cookies Shaped Like Food

If the occasion is a simple dinner then you can mimic the meal and make the cookie shapes formed like the meal itself. For instance if you are having a type of meat or fish make the cookies in the shape of the animal. Of course you could instead utilize the decorations around you. If there are candles lit around the dinner table you could use a christmas cookie cutter that has a shape with the candles and then decorate by having the candles holders be interspersed with the cookies to old the theme.

Fruit Cookies

Cookies are often combined with other ingredients to create a more multitude of flavors, often utilizing chocolate or fruit. One of the cutest ways to integrate fruit into a cookie is to decorate and shape the cookie like the fruit itself and then bake the fruit into the cookie. One of the nicest platter designs utilizes differently shaped fruit and simply placed into a bowl, similar to a fruit bowl being on display.

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Christmas Cookies

One of the most common seasons for cookies is the December holiday season. If you celebrate Christmas then an easy display platter that can be created utilizes a small fake christmas tree and underneath the tree are cookies baked in the shape of presents. It creates an inviting emotion, welcoming the guest to be involved in the holiday celebrations. There are so many different ideas and themes that can be utilized for any gathering, and it is up to the host to create the type of cookie platter that will be talked about long after.

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