6 Great Ideas For Skiing On A Budget

Ski holidays used to be strictly for those who could afford them as holidaying on the piste was notoriously expensive. Royalty and celebrities would be some of the only people able to embark on such a luxury holiday. Thankfully skiing has become much more accessible and now even if you have a tight budget you can still afford to rub shoulders with a little blue blood as you ski down the slopes. Here’s how you too can get a ski holiday on a budget.

When to Book Your Holiday

When you go on your holiday can make a huge difference to the overall price. December and early January are the months best avoided as these are hugely popular amongst regular skiers. February runs the risk of clashing with the half term holidays so March would offer the best value. Early March still guarantees a good dusting of snow on the peaks yet the weather will be slightly warmer and sunny, so it’s an ideal time for beginners. As there isn’t much demand for late Feb/early March you may well grab yourself a bargain too!

Group Bookings

Many tour operators will offer large group discounts so it’s worth getting a group of you to holiday together. Chalets are perfect for large groups of skiers and if you are also booking during the skiing low season, you can benefit from even higher discounts.

Cheap Skiing Gear

Many tour operators will include ski passes and even some ski hire in the price of the holiday so it’s worth checking what you can get the travel agent to throw in for you. The cost of other skiing gear such as clothing and boots can set you back hundreds of pounds. Therefore ask around; there is bound to be a friend who has been skiing and who is willing to lend you their gear. If not, have a look on auction sites such as eBay for cheap second hand gear.

Booking Ski Lessons

If you need to book skiing lessons, it makes more sense to book in blocks as you often get reduced rates or 1 lesson free for block bookings. Also if a group of you want to book lessons, you can use this to drive the cost down even further.

Choosing your Resort

Switzerland is the most popular country to book skiing holidays but it’s also more expensive as a consequence. The cheapest countries to indulge your love of skiing in are in Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria or try Andorra. They may not offer the most challenging of slopes but they will be quieter and much cheaper.

Last Minute Deals

If you can be flexible with your dates and leave at short notice, then check out many last minute deals. Inghams offer some fantastic deals on ski holidays and also caters for large groups. It’s definitely worth checking with the major ski operators a couple of weeks before you want to go for their very best discounts.

Written by Leila El-Dean on behalf of Inghams.