6 Innovative Ideas To Help The Household Save Money

I remember a time when people did not discuss their finances with others, especially if they were struggling. Many people would keep that behind closed doors, to make sure the family was not embarrassed or harassed in any way, especially the kids.

However, times have certainly changed, as I see many people discussing their financial troubles as if they were talking about what they had for dinner. I think the main reason for that is because there are more people who have felt the results of a struggling economy, than not.

There no longer is a stigma placed on those who are living paycheck to paycheck, or having to downsize due to a loss of employment. And, I believe that it’s because it has become the new ‘norm’. While it is sad that it has come to this, it has also allowed us to talk more candidly…and learn from each other.

Many people are seeking information and ways to save money. But, there is also concern for the environment, including our own home …and staying away from unnecessary chemicals in our homes, bodies, and the earth.

If you have thought about saving money and going green, you have found the right article. I am going to share some ideas that will help you do both. Going green does not have to be expensive…and, as a bonus can actually help you save money. Some might seem very small and trivial, but it all adds up.

#1 Beauty and the Beast

Now, the ‘beast’ that I am referring to is the markup price that many health and beauty products have, due to high overhead of the spa and salon that host them. However, you can typically find great products such as shampoos and safe skin care products online, with discounted prices.
If you want to go organic, this is a great area to start. Many health and beauty products are available in organic form, or you can create your own. For example, mayonnaise or avocado both work well for conditioning the hair or skin.

#2 Mineral Salt Deodorant Sticks

You might not have even heard of them. I hadn’t, until I started looking for information on how to transition into a green home and save money at the same time. Not only do they not contain harmful chemicals and ingredients, but they last forever. Well, maybe not forever, but at least 6 months…for one stick!

They also come without all the plastic wrapping and boxing, which is completely unnecessary and detrimental to a green environment. Just look online, or at your local health store.

#3 Throw in the Towel

Paper towel, that is. They are convenient…I know. However if you use clean ‘rags’ that can be reused, it will save you a bundle…or, at least it would in my house. Use old clothing, rather than buying towels just for cleaning.

And, speaking of cleaning…have you heard of the SmartKlean laundry ball? It’s an innovative laundry tool, with unique ceramic rocks and minerals inside that are used to clean your laundry, rather than detergent. Imagine never having to buy detergent again.

#4 Play it again Sam

Buy second hand, when you can. We have been practicing this with automobiles for years, because new is far more expensive in the first few hours. Once you drive it off the lot…or, take it out of the showroom, the value depreciates significantly.

The same can be said for many other areas in our life. Here are a few ideas:

  • Furniture – Shop at garage sales or Craigslist for items. You can always make it ‘new’ or your own with a little creativity and elbow grease.
  • Clothes – There are items at garage sales, eBay, and the Salvation Army that are like new, or even with the tag still on. This is especially true for kids clothing, because they aren’t worn very long.
  • Electronics – I prefer to buy refurbished, or ‘last year’s model’ when buying electronics. The prices are much lower, and it can still come with a warranty. Just look at the small print to make sure.
  • Kids Toys – Bikes and other big items, which won’t go in the mouth, can also be found at garage sales. Even small items, such as movies, CD’s, and books are affordable at garage sales.

It really makes no sense to spend more, when you can find new, or almost new for a fraction of the cost. Of course, it takes a bit of research and patience, but the deals are out there. And, anytime you buy used, it’s one less item that affects the environment, especially wood furniture.

#5 You’re Grounded

Using disposable coffee filters for your coffee grounds will add up, both in landfills, as well as the receipt at the grocery store. Try using a permanent filter, which just needs to be cleaned between uses.

#6 Paper or Plastic

All those plastic grocery bags you bring home can be reused. They can work well as a small trash bag in the car, or line small trash cans at home to keep them cleaner. Just take the bag out and toss when full.

Or, if you walk your dog, take them along to use for clean up after your pup, rather than using the expensive bags you can purchase at the pet store.

And finally, if you send a lot of packages, or plan to move, they work well as ‘filler’ to protect packaged goods.

In Closing

There’s my take on it; six easy ways to both save money, and ease into a ‘green transition for the home. Hopefully, this has inspired you to get creative in saving money in other areas as well.

Mark Harris, as a freelance writer and a research enthusiast, found inspiration for his latest project while researching for another on www.mysensitiveskincare.com. Mark is also a successful Internet Marketer, and enjoys working from the comforts of home. He can also be found occasionally at the local coffee house on his laptop as well. Living in White Rock, B.C. with his wife, Mark enjoys the many beaches the area has to offer, as well as hiking and kayaking.