6 Key Features that Have Made Jellyfin Server a Prominent One

It seems like you have come across the latest term “Jellyfin” and couldn’t resist searching more about this. Right?

In that case, you’re reading the right journal. In this blog, we will talk about the features of Jellyfin that are responsible for gaining high significance over the popular two media servers – Emby and Plex.

Before moving on to our topic, let us describe in brief what is Jellyfin.

What is Jellyfin?

Jellyfin is the name given to the media server that is responsible for managing, controlling, and streaming media files. These may include videos, movies, music, photos, and so on. The server delivers media from a dedicated server to end-user devices using multiple application platforms.

Surprisingly, a few months back, this place was partially occupied by Emby and the rest by Plex. Both have played a brilliant role in building solutions for media files. But now it’s the turn for the Jellyfin server to showcase its features.

Here are the common but attractive features offered by Jellyfin. Take a note of them.

6 Attractive Features of Jellyfin

  1. Shutdown Option: What if you come to know that you no longer have to walk down and shut down your PC after watching videos on the media server? With this media server, you get an additional benefit of triggering your PC to shut down after watching an episode or movie on Jellyfin.
    Feeling tired to shut down the PC manually? Jellyfin provides you with a tireless solution.
  2. Allow you to add lyrics: Are you a music lover? Then definitely you love to hum the lyrics with the song. It is the characteristics of almost every music lover. But this becomes difficult when you love the rhythm of the song but don’t know the lyrics.
    Jellyfin gives you the option to add lyrics to every song you love and that you may like to sing. Humming a song following the lyrics is always an enjoyable experience. And Jellyfin turns out to be a partner for this.
  3. Access the “Convert” option: Conversion is always beneficial, especially when you need to run the file on other platforms where the file is not supported or you want better quality. Jellyfin is thus featured with a convert option. With this you can convert your file to high quality, thus assuring you with the best outcome on the device.
  4. Flexible to Google Assistant and Alexa: There is nothing to explain about Google Assistant and Alexa. You definitely have sufficient knowledge about this. What Jellyfin does, it supports Google Assistant and Alexa, allowing the users to convert their home into a smart home.
    Such flexibility is indeed a mesmerizing feature of Jellyfin server.
  5. Offline Accessibility: Like Plex, like Emby, Jellyfin also offers offline accessibility. Here you have the option to download your desired media files and access them when you go offline. It is a must-needed benefit that every user looks for.
  6. Android Auto support: Another reason that you will love to host your own media server is you can create your own music and movie library. Jellyfin is the best partner for Android Auto.

The Last Note

Jellyfin is the latest version introduced after the release of Emby 3.2. The version is launched using .Net core framework, thus offering complete platform support to the users.

You know, what’s the best thing about this server?

You can access this server from anywhere, any platform. If you browse the net, you will discover a majority of web browsers are using this Jellyfin server for their own sake. Additionally, Android, Chromecast, and Fire TV apps are gradually growing in popularity. However, there are plenty of other applications that are yet to be recognized for this server.