6 Sneaky Ways To Relax That Are Actually Good For Your Wedding

For pretty much the whole year before the Big Day, you’re a busy little (bride to) bee. You have to pick a venue, hire a caterer and florist, choose dresses for picky bridesmaids, send save-the-dates and invitations, book your honeymoon, and do a whole host of different things. You’re bound to get tired and cranky, weighed down with all the impending decisions and tasks.
But you can feel good and find time for yourself while still doing things for your ceremony. So we present to you a list of six ways you can relax before your wedding that are still productive!

Go Shopping
Think of it as “research.” While you aren’t buying anything, go on extravagant window shopping sprees to upscale stores. Look at all the things you would want to have yourself, in your dream home someday. Use this as inspiration for your gift registry! Make a note of all the pretty things you liked and find lower-priced pieces to put on your list. This way, you can go confidently into making your actual registry, and not feel overwhelmed or limited.
I know, I know; it’s hard enough to find time to sleep, let alone work out. But exercising is a great way to blow off steam after a long day; it can relax you while tightening up your already-beautiful body. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym, you can go for a run, or simply do sets of crunches, planks and pushups in your own home. No matter what way you do it, your body and mind will feel stronger for it, plus you’ll look gorgeous in that dream dress of yours!
Have a Drink
Just like exercising, having a drink at the end of a hard day is a great way to unwind. Instead of mixing up your usual at home, though, go out to bars and nice places. Try new things! You may discover a new favorite. Tell the bartender about your wedding themes, and ask if they know a drink that would go with them. They might mix up what you decide is your signature drink for cocktail hour! Turn something you would do on the weekends with girlfriends into an opportunity to improve your wedding.
Get a Manicure
So you’ve got that perfectly unique engagement ring, the one you always dreamed of. You need to take pictures of it, but your nails look like they’ve been through a weed whacker. Luckily, not only is a nice manicure good for your ring finger, it’s an ideal way to relax. Getting one every few weeks is a great way to make sure your digits are in perfect condition for saying “I do.” You can ask for a hand massage while you’re at the nail salon, and sit back and unwind.
Watch Romantic Movies
No matter what your normal movie preference is, whether it’s comedy, sci fi, or anything else, there’s probably a romantic movie you’ll enjoy. It doesn’t have to be The Notebook, but watching something romantic will give you the warm fuzzies, and perhaps inspire your wedding vows! If you’re writing your own vows, it can be tough to come up with something both genuine and well-written. Watching something that makes you lovey-dovey will definitely give you something to work with. You’ll be able to say something meaningful to your groom (or bride!) on the Big Day. Maybe you’ll even make them cry.
Get Your Hair Done
Sometimes, there’s just nothing better than going to a salon and having your hair done. They can wash your hair and give you a scalp massage, give you a trim, spice up your color, and blow dry it to perfection. You’ll feel positively fierce, look incredible, and your hair will be in top condition for your ceremony. This isn’t practice for your updo, just some maintenance that you would do normally. It’s definitely a good way to ensure you look your best on your wedding day, while taking care of something you’d do anyway.
Among all the other things you have to get done on your journey to getting married, making sure you take time for yourself is at the top of the list. Relieve stress by doing these simple things for yourself, and still get things done for your wedding! These six things are sneaky ways to also check things off your big list of things to do. You’ll feel more relaxed approaching your Big Day, prepared for anything, and ready to say “I do.”
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