6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Flossing Daily

6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Flossing Daily

Everyone knows by now that taking good care of your teeth helps prevent gum disease, tooth loss, tooth pain, cavities and a whole host of other dental problems. However, were you aware that flossing every day actually has other health benefits as well? Here are the six health benefits of flossing daily that may surprise you.

It Can Prevent Stroke

While the link is not yet fully understood, people with periodontal disease, which can be prevented by flossing, have a much higher chance of stroke and heart disease. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel or artery leading to the brain bursts or is blocked. It commonly only affects one side of the body, which will experience varied degrees of movement loss. Although you can recover from strokes, the road to recovery is long and hard, and they are often fatal. Doing everything in your power to prevent high blood pressure, gum disease and other conditions that can cause strokes is advisable.

It Can Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is caused by similar conditions as strokes, outlined above, except the damage is to the heart instead of the brain. Heart disease can result in heart attacks, which are frequently fatal. There are a few theories as to how heart disease and strokes are caused by poor oral health. The prevailing one is that bacteria from the mouth getting into the bloodstream adds inflammatory substances which promote blood clots and stem the flow of blood to the heart.

It Can Prevent Infections

Did you know that any infection anywhere in your body has the potential to move elsewhere and form secondary infections? This is true for gum disease, tooth infections or other infections that may inhabit your mouth. Infections such as pneumonia can be life-threatening, especially if the bacteria grows resistant to antibiotics.

They are also quite painful and can wreak havoc on your internal organs, so flossing every day to help prevent them is ideal. An infected tooth might need a root canal. Then you will have to find a good root canal in Marion, IN, or where you live, to take care of that problem. So, if you are experiencing pain get in to see a dentist right away.

It Can Prevent Diabetes

When infectious bacteria spread throughout your body from infected gums, that bacteria increases insulin resistance and makes developing diabetes more likely. It can turn into a vicious cycle, as diabetics frequently have more oral health issues than non-diabetics because diabetes hinders your body’s ability to fight infections. If you are overweight and have significant oral health problems, you should go to your doctor to ensure you don’t have diabetes. If it turns out you do, you can begin managing the condition before it does further damage.

It Can Prevent Dementia

There is growing evidence that good oral health reduces the risk of developing dementia later in life. Bacteria from oral infections can get into the brain, causing inflammation and damage. Flossing daily significantly decreases your odds of developing Alzheimer’s disease for the same reason. These are terrible, tragic conditions that result in loss of self and identity. Anything you can do to prevent them should be done.

It Can Improve Mood

Things like bad breath or rotten teeth can be a real mood killer. They can make you afraid to smile or show confidence. As a result, your dating life and your professional career can be severely inhibited. This mean that, indirectly, flossing every day might make it less likely you will get depressed or develop other mental illnesses. Floss every day so you will feel cleaner, better and more confident about yourself.

Flossing every day, as well as observing other good oral hygiene habits, is not just good for your teeth. It can and will affect your overall health as well. Start flossing every day to help prevent these conditions from developing.