6 Ways To Restore Order To Your Life

You might feel some days that you have totally lost control over your existence in this world. Feeling this way is numbing and overwhelming and even leave you wondering what the point of it all is. So very many things exist that can pull you in directions other than ones you want to head. To get back on a track that you prefer, keep reading.

1. The first thing you have to do is start accepting the fact that you want to improve your life. It is going to take some work. It will also take some time. Be at peace with this and know that change does not happen overnight, but also remember that gradual changes are habits that gain so much momentum that they tend to last.
2. As you build upon your feelings that desire change, first identify the parts of your life that you wish to change. You might not feel like you should dwell on the negatives, but until you focus on them objectively and with detachment, you will not start seeing the contrasts that lead you to what you really do want instead.
3. Once you can clearly state out loud or on paper what you do want, ask yourself what is stopping you. Mental and emotional blocks do have to be lifted in order to let these changes happen, and these are rarely issues you can just physically overpower. You might need a vacation, or more time to yourself. Maybe your social life is lacking or you are not getting enough exercise. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of business.
4. Investigate all options you have for removing your blocks, and also keep a variety going. Removing your blocks should always be something that makes you feel great. You might pick up a video game controller and take time to play one day, and that might feel good and new that day. You could then make the assumption that you should play video games everyday, but that just gets addictive and then does not feel so good. Much like physical exercisers have to change up their workouts to keep their body from getting used to certain activities, you need to keep your mind and heart freshly entertained and away from boredom too.
5. Once you are unblocked, you should start noticing you are happier and have more energy. Do not overdo things. Take baby steps towards your goals. Try and focus on an initial three week period of a new behavior so that you can form a habit. It is sound habits that will carry you to success over time, not desire or willpower. Reprogram yourself for success.
6. Take time to stop and look back from time to time, but not to reflect on what you missed or lost. Focus on what you got done. You have to accomplished more than one thing in life that you are or were happy and proud about. Remember these, so that you can add to your collection of achievements.
With a token amount of commitment, you can start slowly regaining control over your life. Apply the ideas presented in this article, and you will start feeling more and more in charge with every passing day.
Jonathan is a blogger at the Simple Life Habits Blog. There he writes about how to work less, do more, and live with greater focus.