6 Weight Loss Friendly Nuts You Should Know

Nuts are the ultimate source of a ‘healthy food’. Along with being rich in proteins, and healthy fats, they are also low in simple carbohydrates. Nuts increase the metabolism and help in burning excess fat and shed extra pounds. Nuts can go well with almost any dish and that’s what makes them versatile. They’re a powerhouse of energy and have tons of nutrients in them. Researchers have shown that eating nuts are linked to weight loss and better diet compliance. Choose one of these nuts for weight loss success or you can have them all.

Almonds: Almonds are considered to be rich in proteins, antioxidants and healthy fats related to the heart. All this makes them excellent for a weight loss diet. Eating a diet rich in almonds induces weight loss, helps in decreasing the circumference of the waist, lowers down the body fat and also helps in maintaining the systolic pressure. Almonds have monounsaturated fats which are responsible for this. You should also have few almonds in your purse and munch them while being on the move.

Cashews: Cashews are light in taste but rich in magnesium. Cashew nuts have a unique curved shape and about a 100 gram of it can fulfill your 73% of the recommended daily value of magnesium. They’re helpful in shedding some extra calories which you would’ve otherwise gone to a gym and slogged yourself.

Brazil nuts: These nuts have a unique creamy texture which makes them favorite of many. They contain palmitoleic acid and oleic acid which are very beneficial to health and promotes healthy cholesterol levels. They are also a great source of selenium. Each serving of brazil nuts contains enough nutrients that would boost your immune system.

Walnuts: Walnuts are rich in healthy unsaturated fats and ALA. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other chronic diseases. They’re also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. A walnut-rich diet is associated with lower levels of bad cholesterol, higher levels of good cholesterol and also promotes weight loss. A handful of walnuts every day could enhance the weight loss along with promoting a healthy body weight.

Peanuts: Technically peanuts are legumes but they are referred to as nuts. Peanuts are high in folate- a mineral which is essential for the brain development. Peanuts are great for vegetarians who have a shortage of folate and pregnant women who need to protect and nurture their unborn babies from birth defects. Like most other nuts, they also are a power house of healthy fats and vitamin E. One ounce of peanuts contain about 170 calories, 7 grams of protein and 14 grams of fat. Since they’re less in fat, they’re ideal for a weight loss regime. You can pick up a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar which is rich in peanuts from nutrisystem.com. Also, you can save using Nutrisystem coupon code featured on thedietsuggestions.

Pistachios: Pistachios, being dark green in color, contain a unique flavor which makes them favorite to be put in smoothies. They’re also ideal for a morning breakfast or to be put into baked goods. Pistachios are rich in fibers and each ounce serving of Pistachios contains approximately 3 grams of fibers i.e. 12% of the recommended intake. Getting enough dietary fiber makes you feel fuller and also helps you in preventing those instant cravings. Pistachios help in burning fat and losing weight. A recent scientific study shows that a Pistachios rich diet helps in attaining a smaller waist size significantly.

Weight loss is an eye soar for all those who are obese or overweight. However, unhealthy eating practices and lifestyle also makes a person fat. Munch these nuts and stay healthy and fit for the forthcoming years of your life.