7 Amazing Ways To Fade Spots And Even Your Skin Tone

Are you worried about your skin looks? Is your face having hyperpigmentation spots due to a disease or exposure to harsh weather conditions? Maybe you have tried all other ways and failed to get the right solution. Worry no more because with this seven easy tips you will be able to avoid the dark spots on the skin, and you will be able to smile again proudly.

  1. A skin cleansing brush can do marvelous.

Use a skin cleansing brush daily to clean your skin. It’s much more perfect in cleaning your body than the use of fingertips. The cleansing brush helps to get rid of dead cells on the skin’s epidermis allowing new cells to mature in better conditions. By removing these cells, you also help your body to absorb any skin treatment perfectly you are going to use. Always make sure that your brush head is always clean and swap it for a new one after a month. Use a dirty brush, and you will not have to ask ‘what causes dark spots on the face?’.

  1. Regularly use retinoids to fade away spots

When I talk of retinoids, am referring to a very strong form of vitamin A that is used by the body to speed up the production of new cells. The production of many new cells will highly help fade away the spots easily. The retinoids also help to make your skin smoother and appear fine. All this is owed to the collagen contained in them. At the start, use retinoids once per week to avoid a sudden change in your skin calmness.

  1. Use of a sunscreen lotion with a broad spectrum coverage.

This is a must have commodity at any time of the year because it helps to absorb dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun that cause damage to one’s skin. It is advisable always to choose the broad spectrum sunscreen. The sun can produce UVA and UVB rays which cause spots and fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. It is recommended that you choose an SPF   of 30 or higher. Also, make sure that your sunscreen is totally waterproof.

  1. Avoid picking the zit on your skin

Zits are small swollen inflammations on the skin that are mostly red in color. Due to their itching nature, one is often tempted to pick them. This leaves a spot on your skin that can take ages to heal. In place of picking the zits, you can alternatively treat them with cream that contains 1 percent hydrocortisone, and this should be done more than once a day. The hydrocortisone is mainly an inflammatory, and your zit will heal, leaving no marks.

  1. Use of creams with hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent for the skin that is used to get rid of the black spots on the skin. Choosing a treatment that contains quinine will help and also ensure that you get the skin tone of your choice. Hydroquinone mainly inhibits the production of melanin, which is the pigment associated with black spots.

  1. Use of laser treatments and peels

This is a far much more advanced method of dealing with spots on the skin but on the other hand a very effective method. It uses the idea of concentrating light energy on dark spots and slowly removes the dark skin, leaving your skin young, smooth and fine. This method has some various side effects, though they don’t last for long. They include swelling, redness, infections due to exposure and bruising.

  1. Use of natural methods.

This method is far much better than all the other methods explained above as it entails the use of naturally available ingredients. These methods include using products that contain lactic acid, for example, butter and lemon juice. The lactic acid in this product helps to exfoliate the skin and remove any spots and blemishes leaving your skin soft and supple.  They also help to bleach the black spots. Other natural products have healing properties, and this greatly helps to refurbish the skin. They include castor oil and vinegar. Lastly, Aloe Vera can be used to clean your face after a bath. Aloe Vera is known to have good healing properties, and it also acts as a bleaching agent for the black spots. It also acts as a cleanser for the face. The natural methods are not always efficient and should be tested for compatibility to avoid side effects.


Having given you the necessary tricks on how to have a smooth, supple skin, it is now totally up to you to take the initiative and get trying. The next time you steal a look in your mirror, you should proudly say that you made it. There are several tips that can help you to fade your spots easily, and they include Use of a sunscreen lotion with a broad spectrum coverage, Use of creams with hydroquinone, Use of laser treatments and peels, use of natural methods and using a skin cleansing brush.

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