7 Common Mistakes Men Make With Women

Men can make a lot of mistakes when they try to impress and seduce the women they like and usually, these mistakes can end a relationship even before it starts. Even so, they can be easily prevented. In this article you will find some of the most common mistakes men make when trying to get a woman, as well as how can you avoid them.

1. Desperate

Showing too much interest! Women enjoy a bit of attention and that is a known fact, but when a guy shows too much interest in a particular woman she will eventually get bored. As a matter of fact, some men even seem desperate and that is definitely not a plus when trying to seduce a woman. On the other hand, men can be too focused on the sexual side, and that is the recipe for disaster: the woman will slowly but surely step back if she feels that you are interested in sex and nothing more. Make her trust you and feel comfortable around you before showing any sexual interest, otherwise you are very likely to lose her;

2. Show Off!

Bragging and showing off. This is definitely a turn-off for a lot of women. When a woman listens to a man bragging about his success and qualities she will definitely get bored within the first hour. Of course, impressing a girl is essential if you want to seduce her, but spending loads of money and trying to point out that you are the best of the best is not going to help you. Listen to her when she has something to say, don’t ask a million questions and do not leave the impression that you are an egomaniac. Keep the conversation flowing, but do not force anything. Let her discover you!

3. Jealousy

Another common mistake men do is being possessive and jealous too soon. Women may enjoy a little bit of jealousy, since it will make her understand you are interested in her, but being possessive after several dates is certainly not a good thing. Avoid calling or messaging her a hundred times when she is out with her friends, otherwise you will scare her away. Instead of doing that, try to build trust and make sure you communicate properly;

4. Talking About The Ex

Talking too much about your ex will not help you seduce her. Both men and women make this mistake, and it scares the other one away in an instant. Your ex girlfriend is history now, and you should focus on your current (or future) girlfriend since you live in the present, not in the past. Never make comparisons between the two of them and never mention how great your ex was, otherwise the woman you like may feel that you still have feelings for your ex. Therefore, avoid talking about your ex girlfriend – it can indicate the fact that you have way too much emotional baggage, and women are not very fond of that;

5. Being Cheap

Being cheap (especially at the beginning) can also scare women away. If you take her out for dinner, never complain about the prices when you check the menu. If you know you cannot afford an expensive restaurant, it is better to focus on a more affordable one. In the end, there is no point in taking her to the best restaurant in city just to impress her if you are going to complain about the high prices! Nobody says you need to buy her diamonds, but buying her dinner will show her you care about her;

6. Lack of preparation

Very few men actually prepare for a date. They might pay extra attention to their physical appearance, but they do not think about what are they going to say. Keeping the conversation flowing in a natural manner is absolutely essential. Small pauses are also good, but when they are too long they can be boring. Also, be talkative and avoid using cheap pick-up lines if you want to be original;

7. Over Analyse

Last but not least, another common mistake is being too logical. Women love intelligent men, but trying to impress her with statistics and data is not very suitable for a first date. Do not brag about your education and one-of-a-kind intellectual qualities. Instead, let her figure that out. Be expressive and smile instead of being overly serious!

To summarize, these are some of the most common mistakes men do when trying to impress women. They can be avoided, but first of all you need to be aware of the things that scare women away. In the end, remember that being yourself and acting naturally is the best way to impress her and keep her interested in the long run!

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