7 Common Problems Marriage Counsellors Can Help With

All married couples dream of a marriage devoid of conflict, however, it is not realistic. Conflict is unavoidable in most relationship.

The truth is, no two people are the same. All of us look at the world through different aspects based on our family history, personality, education, character, life experiences, etc. In short, conflict is inevitable in most relationships. However, that does not mean that your marriage will end up in endless fighting. Conflict may be present by it can be managed effectively. What can also help is marriage counselling.

Below are seven problems couples can solve with the help of couples counsellors.

  1. Remarriage and Blended Families

Married couples who have been divorced once can have difficulties in remarrying based on statistics. Divorce rates from second marriages are higher compared to first marriage divorce. For couples who have children from their first marriage, combining two families can be hard. Marriage counsellors can help in making such transitions smoother and in overpowering challenges and hurdles that come with remarriage.

  1. Family of Origin Problems

In-laws can be problematic for some marriages. In fact, they can be a source of a number of marital problems. Creating healthy boundaries can be hard for many people, particularly if they come from families that are dysfunctional. Concerns regarding the amount of time spent with extended family or what role they play in your married life are some of the problems. Marriage counsellors can help in determining strategies to make your relationship healthy in spite of family of origin problems.

  1. Mental Health Problems

If your partner has a mental health problem like anxiety or depression, it can certainly affect your relationship. Such mental health issues can greatly interfere with the ability of the couple to maintain a healthy relationship. Couples can go to marriage counsellors since they can help in determining ways to deal with mental health issues that are plaguing the relationship.

  1. Grief

Grief comes in various forms. Whether if it’s due to miscarriage, loss of a parent or loss of a child, it clearly has its effects on any marriage. Marriage counsellors can help couples in trudging on through their grief so that what they are experiencing will not break them apart.

  1. Physical Health Changes

Marriage can also be affected by physical health changes. As couples go through an age-related decline in their health, it can affect their activities and intimate life. For other couples, experiencing a significant accident or illness may greatly affect their marriage. If one partner can’t be of help with household chores or daily activities, it may lead to a number of marital issues if not properly resolved.

  1. Addiction

Addiction is one of the reasons that married couples seek help. Addiction doesn’t only pertain to alcohol or drugs, it could also mean addiction to gambling, the internet and even cyber sex. Marriage counsellors can guide couples in treating and managing addiction that may affect their marriage.

  1. Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the top reasons why couples separate. Mending from infidelity or deciding if to try or not to try in working out from infidelity can be hard. Marriage counsellors can assist couples in addressing the reason behind infidelity and in going through trust issues and with a number of feelings related to infidelity.

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