7 Signs That Your Spouse May Be Cheating

A surprising statistic says that 65% of married Americans have had, or are currently having, an affair. Your neighbors, friends, family members, and even your spouse may be included in that statistic. However, because many signs of cheating can indicate something else going on such as unhappiness or personal issues, how can you really tell if you have a cheating spouse on your hands?  Following are 7 signs that a cheater will exhibit.

1. Out of Place Whereabouts

If your spouse tells you where they are, but it seems like a place they should not be, then this is an indication that something funny is going on. For example, if they say they are at a restaurant with their co-workers, but they have never gone out with, or even liked their co-workers before, and they are eating a restaurant that serves food they hate, then this may be an indication that they are there for more than just a dinner with co-workers.
They may also say they are going out to a place, but look unprepared to go there. Fishing, camping, or hiking are good examples. If they leave the house without the appropriate gear, then you have to question if they are really going where they say they are going.
An important note is that if it happens one time, as weird as it seems, it may actually be the truth, but if they are suddenly going to weird places repeatedly, then this is one of those signs of cheating that is hard to ignore.

2. Unexplained Lost Time

If you know that your spouse gets off of work at five in the afternoon, but they start coming home at eight in the evening, then you should be worried; especially, if they do not have a good reason for that lost time.
Some excuses they may give are car problems or overtime, which seem plausible. However, sometimes they may just avoid the question all together and say that they are not sure why it took them so long to get home. This latter response is common among people who are not good liars or who know that you will not buy the “I had to work late” excuse.
Another reason they do not provide an excuse is that it is harder for a spouse to argue about the ‘I don’t know’ excuse than the ‘working late’ excuse. There is no concrete thought on which to grasp and argue if there is no reason, which makes it a good excuse that will leave you in confusion rather than anger or suspicion.

3. Sudden Defensiveness

A guilty conscience can often produce anger. Therefore, if your spouse is suddenly defensive when asked about their day or whereabouts, then they probably have a guilty conscience, which is one of the big signs of cheating. They may answer your questions with “Why are you being so nosy?” or “What does it matter to you?” and try to make you feel guilty for asking them such intrusive questions. In reality, if they had nothing to hide, then they would openly answer questions about their day or whereabouts.

4. Sudden Communication Issues

People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. They openly talk about their days and leave documents, passwords, and personal information lying around.  This is why another one of the signs of cheating is when a spouse suddenly stops communicating with you.
If your spouse has suddenly become very hard to communicate with, and has stopped sharing personal information with you, then that is a sign that they do not want to talk and disclose their feelings, thoughts, or life with you.
They may be hiding information that contains clues to their whereabouts. They may not want to talk too much about their life, because they could accidentally say something that gives away their affair. They may withdraw into themselves and away from you, so that you do not see or hear anything that gives away their secrets.

5. Disappearing Money

If you notice that money is disappearing, and your spouse has no explanation as to why, then this is a sign that they are spending the money on something or someone who they should not be spending it on. Even if they do give an explanation about where the money went, it will always be one that they can’t prove. Food, charity, or events you were not aware of are good examples. There will never be any concrete evidence that they bring home for you to see.

6. Lying

Another one of the huge signs of cheating is lying. You may start to catch your spouse in continuous lies. This lying can come from nervousness while trying to keep their stories straight, but it can also come from guilt.
The lies are usually not big, in fact, they are usually about something insignificant and you will not understand why they are lying in the first place.
Many times, they will bring up situations that you don’t even ask them about. For instance, when you ask them how their day was they may say something completely irrelevant like “I stayed at work all day!” instead of telling you how their day actually went.

7. Anger Towards You

If your spouse suddenly starts criticizing you and everything you do, even though you are doing nothing wrong, then they may be looking for a reason to justify their behavior and guilt. They may criticize your performance in the bedroom and say things like “I’m never satisfied!” or they may just make you feel as though you are to blame for all of their unhappiness. They are trying to put the blame on you and take it off themselves. They build up this anger so that if you do catch them cheating, they can throw your behavior in your face as an excuse.
The above 7 signs of cheating are hard to miss. The more signs you see, the more likely something is going on. If you suspect your spouse of cheating then investigate your suspicion. You deserve to know the truth.
Bellaisa is the owner and main writer at How Do You Get a Guy, a blog for women on dating, self-improvement and everything in between.