7 Ways To Save When Designing Your House

The number one concern when designing a home is of course saving money. There are various things that can be done ahead of time to save a substantial amount of money. So careful planning must be thought out.

First of all, the couple designing the home needs to be in full agreement on what needs to be done concerning decor. That alone will definitely save time and money as well. A home needs to have a warm, welcoming feeling upon entering. So careful thought must go into designing to achieve that feeling of warmth.
Have a look at some of the ideas thoughtfully put together on how to save money when decorating and furnishing the interior of a home. And yes, it does matter. It would look quite desolate if nothing was graciously displayed on your walls. And how about color? How boring would plain white walls be? Very!
*Let’s start with paint. You definitely want to do the painting yourself. A little work makes a person appreciate their accomplishments. Hiring a painter will set you back anywhere from $150 to $500. That’s for just one room. 
* Sometimes you can find free or low cost paint at a recycling center. It is worth a look verses having to purchase all new paint. Look before you buy.
* If you have a family member or friend that’s a contractor, you may want to check with whole sale stores when shopping for flooring such as; hardwood or laminate flooring. The same goes with carpet. Cabinetry is also an idea for shopping whole sale. It sure doesn’t hurt to try.
* Check out your local Dollar General store for various pictures, mirrors, lamps, floral arrangements, etc. These stores often have just what you’re looking for at excellent deals. What’s the idea behind a Dollar General store? Most things cost one dollar; or perhaps three for a dollar. Various towels and linens can be found there as well. 
* For bedding for your home, you may want to check the Salvation Army or a goodwill store. You will often find really nice items that is to your liking. 
* When purchasing new things for the home, you should buy quality verses cheap. If you purchase cheap, most times you will be losing money in the long run.
* When shopping for dishes for your kitchen, check out yard and rummage sales. If you’re especially looking for antique dishes or various furnishings for the kitchen or any room for that matter; check out the yard and rummage sales. They often have antiques displayed for sale.

Jessica is an interior desinger / blogger. She considering using silk poinsettia plants instead of real plants this holiday season. For more inforamation please visit silkplantsamerica.com 

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