7 Ways To Use Twitter To Improve Your Financial Literacy

Many people use Twitter as a highly effective tool for social networking and keeping ahead of trends. But it also has many other uses that you may not have thought about. For instance, did you know there are many ways it can help you gain financial literacy?

With such a huge database of individuals using the site, the popular social network can be an incredibly powerful learning tool.  A little research and a little communication can have you learning a lot more than what your favourite celebrity had for lunch. Below are seven ways Twitter can be used to help improve your financial literacy.
Find New Friends In The Business World
Many high profile businessmen use twitter on a daily basis. Some of these are celebrities, some are high-powered executives, and some are individuals who run modest but successful businesses.
Following people who are part of the business world and reading what they have to say can yield some surprising results. If say, Alan Sugar decides to tweet about a subject that you don’t yet understand, you can use the web to research the terms used, and gradually gain an understanding of them.
Monitor Popular Content
Popular content is another way to gain literacy in a subject such as short term loans. When following people from a certain background, you may begin to notice popular trends in their postings, vocabulary and content. Again, a little research will help you understand these better.
Ask Questions
Once you have gained an understanding of a few financial topics that interest you, you can always pose direct questions to the people that you follow. Many of them, including high-profile executives will be only too happy to help you out and answer any questions that you might have. Any subject from corporate banking to pay day loans is likely to yield an interesting response.
Run a Question And Answer Session
Question and answer sessions are a great way to get people conversing on a particular subject. If you feel your understanding is somewhat limited, you can always post a public question to encourage debate. Here you will find that many people are willing to engage with subjects and can offer a wealth of advice, explanation and direction regarding all things financial.
Participate In Conversations
If you feel your understanding of financial subjects has grown greatly, you can also participate in conversations on certain subjects. This will not only extend your learning curve but also give you a chance to test your knowledge in the public arena, and maybe even make some new contacts along the way.
Gain New Followers
If you are constantly asking and posing questions regarding finances, the chances are you will attract a multitude of new followers interested in the same subject. Don’t shy away from this, as it will help you in your quest for a greater understanding of finance.
Ask For Feedback
With your new followers, you will be able to ask them for valuable feedback regarding your thoughts, feelings and posts. Many people may be small business owners and will be willing to share valuable experiences with you.
With all these tips combined, you’re sure to gain a much deeper understanding of the world of finance which will help you think clearly when making life-changing, and potentially lucrative, decisions.
Author | Amie is passionate finance blogger, a free lance writer for payday loan sites like Wonga.  She enjoys reading and learning about the online loans industry in her spare time.