8 Questions to Ask Before You Book Your AV Equipment Hire Company

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If you are thinking about hiring an AV professional to install, maintain or upgrade your audio and visual equipment, there are a few things you should know before you make a booking. Here are some important questions to ask your professional before you book your AV equipment hire.

Have They Installed the Audio Equipment for You?

The best audio equipment for events is often a matter of time and planning – having the professional do it for you ahead of time ensures you get a quality set-up. However, if you need the AV London equipment installed immediately, you may want to ask them to arrange to have it installed in a week or so, as opposed to when they offer you a service.

How Long They Will Take Time to Deliver?

After you receive your expert’s estimate, you will need to ask him or her how long it will take for your equipment to be in place, and this will vary according to the type of event, size of the venue and even the number of people attending.

Would you like your specialist to perform some installation of the equipment on-site, or would you prefer the equipment to be delivered and then installed at your location? If you have your AV equipment for events to be installed in the field, you may want to see a video from your AV installer that shows how they install the equipment. This is especially handy if your event is on location and you need to install the equipment after you arrive.

What Type of Features Would You Like Your Equipment to Have?

When you are going to hire the equipment, you have full right to ask to your hired company about what type of features you have. Make sure about are they giving you the facility that meet your need. There is a wide range of features available for audio and visual equipment, depending on their size and capabilities. The specialist who offers you an AV equipment hire service should be able to provide you with options for your equipment, based on the size and power of your equipment, and even depending on whether it is a professional or home system.

What Type of Warranty Do You Have?

There are lots of companies that are not giving you the warranty. But you should first consider the warranty that must be provide by the hired company. Most companies will offer a lifetime guarantee on their services, which can include audio equipment, however, it is always a good idea to double-check with your expert to make sure the offer you have is a real deal.

Will the Equipment for Your Event Be Used Often?

Whether you want a professional AV equipment hire company to be in place at your event for only a couple of hours a year, or you plan to hire their services regularly, you should ask the professional what the costs would be for their services. Keep in mind that most AV equipment hires companies to offer a range of services, so it may be worthwhile asking if you are concerned about the costs.

Can You Send Your Equipment for Repairs at The Same Time?

If you are hosting an event and going to hire the equipment, make sure the hired company deliver the facility to repair the equipment at the time of the event. This is something that you will need to talk to your professional about if you are worried about possible damage to your equipment.

Do you charge a deposit or advance payment during the rental period? The best AV London equipment for events is usually rented for at least the first month or two of use, so it is important to ask your hire company about the price of these rentals before you make a booking.

Are There Any Changes to the Equipment During the Rental Period?

Your hire company should be able to let you know if this is the case, or they should be able to set it up with you ahead of time so you are informed ahead of time if there are any upgrades to the equipment you rent.

How Long Will You Be Allowed to Use the Equipment for Hire?

When you are booking your AV equipment hire, you will be given an agreement, known as a “Rental Agreement”, where you will agree to pay a certain amount of money for your equipment for each month of use, and this amount is payable by you each month until you complete the purchase of the equipment outright.

Will the equipment I rent for events remain on the site once I have finished using it? If you are renting equipment that you intend to keep for events at your facility, you should ask your hire company if this is possible, as this will save you the hassle of moving equipment to your facility when it is no longer needed.