8 Reasons Why A Marriage Ends Up In Divorce

Many couples that decide to tie the knot and recite those vows to one another expect a marriage made in heaven. Unfortunately, these couples find out later on that marriage is not the fairytale they thought it would be. A happy and healthy marriage takes commitment, effort, time and compromise from both husband and wife.

Divorce figures all over the world are increasing at an incredibly alarming rate. What are the most common reasons a marriage ends up in divorce?

1. Failure to communicate

One vital aspect of a healthy marriage is honest and open communication between both husband and wife. Couples who fail to communicate their emotions, worries and expectations are likely to end up getting divorced. Without proper communication, a marriage cannot last for very long.

2. Infidelity

Studies show that infidelity is the root cause of about one-third of the divorces in the United States. Whether a spouse is engaged in a long-term affair or a one-night stand, this act of unfaithfulness often results in a feeling of betrayal that eventually takes control over all other matters.

3. Abuse

Abuse is another cause for divorce—whether this may be in psychological, physical, verbal or emotional form. Acts such as fighting, insulting, taunting, bullying or intimidating one’s spouse or children in the home are such grounds for divorce. The abused must make it a point to remove himself or herself from this harmful situation and from the abusive spouse.

4. Financial issues

Most couples experience financial problems at one point or another—but couples that lack the ability to effectively communicate with one another about these troubles often end up getting divorced. Debts, spending habits and other money matters must not be hidden from one another, and transparency is a must.

5. Distance and time

Quality time with one another is sacrificed when one or both spouses travel frequently or spend very long hours at the office. Couples that spend extended periods of time away from each other may experience a strain in the marriage, and may eventually drift apart.  In some instances, this distance and time from each other can cause one spouse to be unfaithful.

6. Incompatibility

A number of married couples choose to get a divorce due to incompatibility, whether it may be in physical, emotional, sexual or spiritual form. When two people are incompatible with one another, there is less understanding from both sides and the relationship suffers.

7. Unmet expectations

Sometimes, it happens that a couple expects one thing from marriage and gets something completely different in return. One may have unmet expectations regarding marriage itself, or perhaps his or her spouse. These unmet expectations can lead to feelings of extreme dissatisfaction, resentment or disappointment, ultimately damaging the relationship.

8. Inability to compromise

Marriage is a give and take relationship, and not all couples are always willing to compromise. There will always be occasions wherein a spouse will have to be willing and able to set aside his or her personal selfish desires and compromise for the greater benefit of the other partner and for the marriage.

About the Author:

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