8 Road Safety Tips For The Holidays

Here are a few tips we think are really important to check off your list when going on the road for a holiday or anywhere else.

1. Check your speed
There’s nothing like coming back from a well rested holiday only to get your blood pressure hitting the roof when you receive the 12 speeding fines. Sticking with the speed limit will help you react faster to your surroundings and keep you and your friends and family safe.

2. Get enough rest
Instead of pulling an all nighter or sleeping a few hours before you drive you should get enough rest. Many accidents, especially amongst truck drivers, occur with sleepy drivers. If you are driving with a partner then switch regularly and take breaks after 2 hours drive. Stop and stretch your legs and have a cup of coffee (or whatever your choice), just keep it non-alcoholic.

3. Stay on your toes in the city and suburbs.
When driving in the suburbs or even through the city you should always be wary of your surroundings. Children sometimes run after a ball in the street or pedestrians walk around a bus to get to the other side of the road which blocks their view of oncoming traffic.

4. Buy a Bluetooth headset
A multitude of accidents on the roads occur from drivers who are busy with their phones. Many drop their phones and quickly dip down to pick up the phone which results in them losing control and driving into other cars or swerving erratically once they picked up the phone.

When you have a blue tooth device you will be able to keep your eyes on the road and talk with whoever you need to talk in a safe way.

5. Do your pre-checks
Before taking your family or your friends on the long journey to your holiday destination you should do your pre-checks on your car.

Inspect the following to ensure a safe drive:

  • Before you climb into your car you should check your windows, lights and mirrors are clean and aren’t obstructed in any way.
  • Check your tires tread to ensure that it has great grip on the road and fix any low pressure tyres.
  • Look for any leaks coming from the engine, for this you need to drop to your needs and look underneath your car for any pools of fluid or drips.

When you climb into the car do the following checks:

  • Ensure everyone is wearing their seat belt.
  • Enable your Bluetooth device.
  • Adjust mirrors.
  • Check your warning lights for any indicators to problems.

Ruan Smit is a camping nut and enjoys hitting the road with his friends and family. When he’s planning a trip he always goes to a tyres cape town facility and checks his tyres for a safe trip, drive safely!