8 Tips To Cooperate Your Defence Attorney

You and your attorney are a team don’t cop an attitude.  He or she is not the master and neither are you.  You do not simply nod your head up and down like a bobble toy at everything he says, nor do you demand that your defense attorney perform magic tricks.

You must actively participate in your own defense.  This is the only way you will help your attorney give you the best defense.

  1. Do not think you know more about the law than your Toronto defence lawyer. Your attorney knows the judges, the Prosecution, local attitudes, and most of all, how the law is interpreted in the community.
  1. DO NOT LIE, DO NOT OMIT. If you do, you might as well hang it up right now.  Omissions can lead to your conviction just as fast as an outright lie.
  • Guidance and representation is entirely based on your statements. One lie and you can be advised to turn left instead of right.  In other words, you can land in jail when the truth would have gotten you off.
  • Omissions can be disastrous in court. If the Prosecution brings up something in court that your attorney is not prepared for, the jury will listen to the Prosecution and realize that you held back information.
  • Attorneys at hershberglaw can provide the best help because they don’t get shocked and understand that what you did was not their personal business.
  • Do not call your attorney day after day. If you have new information, put it in an envelope and drop it off.  Your attorney will not contact you unless there is a reason to, such as a court date, word from the Prosecution, request for clarification of a statement you made, or other pertinent information that either you or your attorney needs to know.
  1. Research the Internet for other cases like yours and learn how to print articles the right way. Ask the criminal defense lawyer Toronto how to do this.
  2. Give your attorney a decent narrative of the events and whatever evidence you have. You will find instructions and examples in this manual.
  3. Ask your attorney what you can do to help, especially if you are working with a PDA. Public Defenders are constantly overloaded.  Any assistance you can provide on your case will be appreciated.
  4. If you don’t understand something, ask. You are no good to yourself or your attorney unless you completely understand what he or she is telling you.
  5. There is no such thing as a stupid question other than you wanted to ask, but didn’t. The rest of your life is at stake.  If you do not completely and clearly understand a statement and the consequences of that statement, do not agree until you do.