8 ‘Travelastic’ Reasons To Visit Kerala As Your Next Travel Destination

8 ‘Travelastic’ Reasons To Visit Kerala As Your Next Travel Destination

For many people in India and abroad, Kerala is a dream destination. For every place to visit and activities that could be enjoyed, tourists and travellers can have a lifetime of memories. Wondering why Kerala should be your next vacationing stop, here are some reasons to visit Kerala with customised Kerala tour packages:

1. To learn or have an interest in an ancient Indian Martial Art:

Kalarippayat: Most of the tourists know about martial arts like Judo Karate, Tae kwon do, and Kung Fu because these are made famous by Hollywood movies. But God’s Own Country has its 12th-century martial art which appears more as acrobatics. At its core, the experts of Kalarippayat (most of which could be found at Ens Kalari) work on attacking sensitive pressure points of the body.

2. To hang out with the royal bengal tigers:

Periyar Tiger reserve: In Kerala and not been to Periyar? It’s just not done! Lay your eyes on some of the finest ones in the forests of this tiger reserve. Also see other animals like Indian bison, elephants and leopards, along with many species of birds and reptiles.

3. To dance on Kathakali moves:

Bold folk music complemented by brightly coloured costume and make up and matched by moves and facial expression: This could only be Kathakali, the 17th Century classical dance of Kerala. Learn some of its moves at Margi Kathakali School for courses in Kathakali.

4. To revel in Ayurvedic Secrets of healthy body and soul:

Be it the Panchakarma sessions or relaxing aromatherapy, ayurvedic spas are meant to enliven body, mind and soul to gear it up for the hectic routine you would take up after vacationing in Kerala. Just make sure you get it done from a government certified centre.

5. To cruise on backwaters:

Kerala and backwater cruising are synonymous to each other when you want to make the most of the trip. So, hire a houseboat that come equipped with its staff and enjoy the idyllic backwaters in the company of you loved ones. You are in for the sights of coconut plantations, lakes and lagoons; and also for unfurling dawn if you spend a night on the houseboat if you have selected one of the Kerala backwaters tour packages.

6. To enjoy adventure in unexploited hill station:

Greenery, fresh mountain air and pleasing weather is what you will get on a refreshing trip to Vagamon, especially while paragliding. On a perfect day, the view of the valley from above will stay with you for a long time.

7. To get a taste of cuisine of the spice heaven:

The Malabar Coast which was involved in maritime trade of spices still flaunts its past. Impress the experience on your mind to carry back home, taste the cuisine of Kerala in its finest restaurants. You can also shop for the spices to enjoy your own food in Indian style.

8. To experience festivals like Thissur Pooram and Onam:

The festivals of Kerala (in addition to everything pointed above) distinguish it from every other vacationing experience in India. The sight of 60 decorated elephants in the temple festival is everlasting just as participating in Onam. Plan your vacation accordingly to be here to celebrate as Kerala people do.

There are many other reasons but for some other post. Let us know those that would draw you to the God’s Own Country!

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