8 Twitter Streams To Monitor Gold Investment News

Once you decide to invest in gold you will be keen to keep track of your investment. The good news is that the price of gold isn’t as volatile as, for example, stocks. You should expect to see a steady and impressive return on your investment without the giant peaks and troughs which the stock market provides. In fact, gold is often seen as a safe haven in time of stock market turmoil. This is where the smart money often heads when stocks and shares are regarded as being just too volatile to take a chance on.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t want to stay on top of the latest industry news. If you are keen to receive as much information on the current value of the previous metal as you can handle then here are the best twitter streams to check out.

A Mixture of Price Updates, Analysis and Relevant New Items 

@GoldUpdates.  Here you will get the latest news on the price of the commodity and some technical analysis into the bargain. If you want to stay up to date with gold prices without receiving too much information into the bargain then this one might suit you.

@GoldPriceNews. This Twitter stream brings investors a lot of interesting financial news from around the world which is relevant to the price of gold. You will certainly be able to keep up to date with your investment’s progress thank to these updates.

@GoldPriceUSD10. With this stream you will get straight price upd

ates. The updates come out every time the price moves by $10 either way, so some weeks will be slo

wer than others. Obviously smaller fluctuations won’t be reported so it could be some time before you are aware of developing trends.

@GoldNews. For a regular stream of gold news and related topics you could try this one out.

@Brokerz_Gold. This one provides a mix of straight price notifications and interesting articles on the subject of precious metal investments.

. Here we have a regular series of Twitter updates which mix straight price flashes with links to in depth pieces of analysis.@GoldNewsLive

With this Twitter stream you will get as much information on the markets and other relevant issues as most investors would want to see.

@MiningFeeds. Rather than being purely a gold investment feed this one covers all sort of other metals and mining industry news as well.

This guest post is from Daniel Robert, a blogger with a keen interest in personal finance and precious metal investing. He currently works for Regal Assets a specialist of buying and selling gold bullion and gold coins.