9 Clever Ways To Re-Use Your Old Tablecloth

Have an old tablecloth you’ve used once, twice, too many times? Don’t throw it out just yet! There are plenty of ways to reuse tablecloths, even those stained beyond belief.

With the effects of global warming becoming more and more apparent all the time we all need to do our part to help keep the Earth clean. Reduce, re-use, and recycle. So here are some inspired ways to reuse an old tablecloth, enjoy!

Image by Anton Novoselov
1.       Dishcloth
The tablecloth may have collected some stains that even your toughest wash couldn’t get rid of but it’s still clean, and perfect for drying dishes. Just cut it up into smaller pieces and voila; you’ve got several new (well, new-ish) dishcloths.

2.       Cloth diapers
Cloth diapers aren’t for everyone, but they are immensely better for the environment than disposable diapers. Cut up the tablecloth into the right sizes and you’ve got a mound of diapers for your angel.

3.       Picnic blankets
Old tablecloths are perfect for picnics because it doesn’t matter if it suddenly starts raining and it gets covered in mud, or your spouse spills an entire glass of red wine on it. Don’t risk ruining new sheets or blankets, just whip out an old tablecloth next time you have your lunch outdoors.

4.       Baby bibs
This might be my favourite idea for reusing tablecloths. Why go out and spend money on a bib that, yes might have a cute bunny on it, but is just going to get plastered with food anyway? Save your money and do the Earth a favour by cutting up your old tablecloth instead!

5.       Napkins
They might not compare to your wedding napkins, but they’ll do the trick! When making the napkins you can cut out or around whatever stains made you stop using it as a tablecloth in the first place.

6.       Doll clothes
This one’s for those of you with sewing practice. If your kids enjoy playing with dolls I can imagine they love doll accessories as well, different outfits being one of those. When I was younger I loved dressing up my dolls, their wardrobes were almost more extensive than my own.

7.       Aprons
It doesn’t have to be the cutest apron ever, so if your sewing skills aren’t up to par with Martha Stewart, no worries. So whip up whatever kind of apron you think works and go crazy in the kitchen.

8.       Eco-friendly shopping bags
Old tablecloths are perfect for making shopping bags because the material tends to be strong and sturdy, yet incredibly easy to fold up and light to carry in your handbag or in your glove compartment – always there when you need them.

9.       Car protector
Now there are 2 ways that I can think of for using tablecloths to protect your car, the first is for you dog owners. You know after you’ve taken your pup to the beach and you’ve got a soaking wet dog in the bag of the car?

Another great way to reuse old tablecloths is to use it as a windscreen protector for your car. If you live in an area of the world with much snow, and you have one of those old plastic tablecloths throw that on your windscreen at night and you won’t have frost stuck to your window the next day!

If you have any more useful ideas, please share them below!

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Estelle Page is an interior designer who blogs for Wipe Easy. She loves being eco-friendly and doing her part to clean up our Earth.