A Brief About Bracing Treatment For Scoliosis

A Brief About Bracing Treatment For Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which an individual has abnormal lateral or side-to-side curvature of their spine. Depending upon the shape of the scoliosis curves, this physical deformity is subdivided into Dextroscoliosis (“S” shape) and Levoscoliosis (“C” shape).

Scoliosis in children

Scoliosis is a common by birth spinal disorder, enveloping 80% of the total cases reported every year.  With age (between 9 to 15 years), the symptoms and problems associated with this medical condition often begin to reflect, and the effect quality of life you live. And this even more for females and a family history of scoliosis augments the risk of developing this disease.

The major of children having mild scoliosis curves don’t need treatment. In such case, the orthopedic doctor will recommend doing certain exercises. Regular follow-ups to monitor this spinal deformity and periodically with x rays is advised.

 Back Brace for Scoliosis

If the patient has low to moderate scoliosis, when the bones are still in the growing phase, the doctor may ask you to wear back brace. The brace hinders further curvature, will not cure or even reverse it. They are worn usually the entire time, even at night. For more hours per day, a patient wears the brace, the effective it tends to be.  The best part of such braces is that they normally don’t restrict what the patient can do. If your child wishes to indulge in a physical activity, the brace can be taken off for some time. However, when bones stop growing, the braces are of no use

Today, there are two types of back braces available in the market: 

  1. Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis (TLSO) brace-This kind of brace is made up of plastic and crafted to seamlessly fit around the spinal curves. And, it is usually not visible under clothing.
  2. Milwaukee Brace- this a full-torso brace that has a neck ring with rests for chin and back of the head. This type of brace is recommended by the doctor when TLSO is ineffective or not possible.

How bracing treatment works?

Though, surgery being the only way to correct this spinal deformity, studies and surveys show bracing treatment can go a long way in curbing the menace of scoliosis. It aims to apply corrective forces on the spine to free load from the concave inner part of the curve and increase the load on the convex outer part of the curve. The concept of bracing is quite clear, that a bone experiencing compression will grow less, while the distracting bone will grow more. The back brace slows down the scoliosis curve’s bone growth.

While brace will typically not reverse scoliosis, it can slow down or hinder any development of the curve until the patient reaches skeletal maturity. After this point, the bones are unlikely to grow or further worsening of the probably.

Wrapping up, before buying anything off the rack or order online, consult your doctor to buy something that can indeed medically helpful for your kid suffering from scoliosis.